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94 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 271. 1836. Scottsville, to Buckingham court-house. From Belfield, in the county of Greensville, to Newsom’s depot, in the county rof Southampton. From Pols1ey’s mills, in the county of Monongaha, via Armett’s store, to Blacksville. From Staunton, via Buffalo gap, and Joseph Bel]’g, to p Milborough. From the town of Weldon, North Carolina, via Sykc’s Old Store, Randal’s Ordinary, Powellton, J ames’ Square, Gholsonville, Oakgrove, Nicholson’s, Wartman’s, Charles Ogbum’s, Shackleford’s, l Christiansville, Dupree’s Store, Charlotte court-house, Armistead and Fuqua’s store, and Brlpoknealnto `GFBBH Hgl, gvamgbéll Colélity, hgrginia From W the court- ouse, via arnes . iper s, to ue rin s Smythe chunty. From Bickleyg mills3BR1x??} gouéity, ga Osborlii foi-gd; to Pendleton, Scott county. `rom roa or , m the count , via Cook’s store, to Sharon, Wythe county. From L}aurel post btlice, Washington county, to Captain Levi Bishops in the county of Smythe. From Princess Ann, Maryland, via Newtown, Maryland, and Bloxom’s tavern, Virginia, Riley’s store, Jenkin’s bridge, Guilford, and Bagwell’s mills, to Drummondtown, in the county of Accomack, Virginia. From Horntown to Bloxom’s tavern, Accomack county, Virginia. From Greenville, Virginia, to Jefferson, North Carolina. From Winchester to Staunton, by way of Lane’s old works, Huddle’s school-house, Columbia furnace, Moore’s store, Pennybacker’s furnace, Turley’s town, and Miller’s furnace, and thence to Staunton. From Kingwood to Evansville. From Orange court-house to Stanardville. From Culpeper court-house, via Plain’s mills, to Timberville. From Leadsville to Western Fords, in the county of Randol h in Vir inia. From Danville, by Franklin court-house, to Salem. pFrom Jerdsalem to Urquhart’s store, in Southampton county. From Surry court-house to Wall’s bridge, in Surry county. From Richmond, by Bellona arsenal, Sublett’s and Jefferson, to Catersville. From Lynchburg, by Pedlar’s mills, to Buffalo Spring. From Tye-river warehouse, to Lynchburg. Fiiom Littlezwn t<éUrquhart’s store. From West Alexandria, Penn- T sy vania, to rave reek. 0,£‘a1"°’°h Cm" In Nortlt Carolina.-From Franklin, North Carolina, to J amesville, ` Grady’s store, and Huntington, to Blairsville, Georgia. From Wadesboro’, by White’s store, Jesse Llewellen’s, Hasty’s store, Alexander N. Bel1’s,the Anson Gold mines, and thence by Burns’s store and Diamond Hill. From Limestone post ofrice, in Buncomb county, by Edréeystgille ang E. SéPorter’s, to Earlsville, Spartansburg district, South aro ina. rom artha e, in Moore count , thence to Eli Philli s's, and Farish and McNeillé store, to Tyson’s siore. From Morgantgwn, 1H Burke county, up John’s river, to John Mosts, on Watauga, in Ashe county. From Fallsville, in Lincoln county, to William Oats}, Buffaloe post office, Joshua Beams Rushy creek, Hamilton's store, and Webb’s germ, to Ruther§`o1;l},Ruthefrford county. From Bethania, Stokes county, y ienna an t ores’ ei-ry, to Doweltown, Surr count *. From Greensboro’, by Thompson’s store and David Thoma;s, to Mboresville, gi Orange fyoupty. bFrom Mlpton, by Sergeantsville, and Blackwell’s tore, to aw ings urg, in ockin ham count . From Yadkin ost office, Stokes county, by William Wolf"s, Reeifes and Johnson Clemeutgs, tlc; Rpgkfgrd, Suxryy céwuntyéi ]From Taylofs bridge, in Sampson coun y, y e mey oo s, an the house of Lewis Hi h Smith, to Long Creek bridge, in New Hanover county. From Bgatiesford to Sherrillsford post office, and Hokesville, to Fisher’s post office ; return- 1I1g, to pass Eavesville, the neighborhood of Thomas L. May’s, to the Zgry) Ponds. t For_Sal/{sbp5y, lgylliount Pleasant, in Cabarras county, to o ourn ss ore, m ec en ur count . From Washin ton to Durham creek. From N ewbern to James Higgs, on Bay rivg; in Craven county. From Beaufort to Portsmouth, and thence to Ocracock. From Kingston, by Hookertown, to Snow Hill. From Mockville to Hunts-