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TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. 011.271. 1836. I0] Juliet, in Illinois. From Bloomington, in Monroe county, via Bloom- Held, Fairplay, and New Jerusalem, in Greene county, Merom, in Sullivan county, via Hudsonville, Newtown, Ewington, in Illinois, to Vandalia. From Brownstown, Jackson county, via Vernon, to Marion, in Ripley county. From Greencastle, in Putnam county, via Manhattan, Bowling Green, and Point Commerce, to Bloomfield, in Greene county. From Mount Pleasant, in Martin county, via Scotland and Clark’s prairie, to Bloomfield, in Greene county. From Napoleon, in Ripley county, to Lewisville, in Henry county, via Clarksburg, in Decatur county, New Salem and Smelson’s mills, in Rush county. From Indianapolis, via Frankfort, Delphi, Monticello, Jasper, Lake court—house, Porter and Laporte counties, to Michigan city. From Leavenworth, in Crawford county, to Mount Prospect, in said county. From Kirk’s cross roads, via Frankfort, Delphi, Monticello, and Laporte, to Michigan city. From Prairie river post office, in Branch county, Michigan, to Lima post office, in La Grange county, Indiana. From Burlington to Delphi. From Charlestown, in Clark county, via Sturdevant’s store, to Salem, in Washington county. From Indianapolis, via Germantown, in Marion county, Pendleton, and Huntsville, in Madison county, to Strawtown, in Hamilton county. From Strawtown to Peru, in the rounty of Miami. From Bloomington, in Monroe county, via Baile’s bridge, to Salem, in Washincrton county. From Mount Tabor, in Monroe county, to Stilesville, in ¤Hendricks county. From Thorntown, in Boone county, to Kirk’s cross roads, in Clinton county. From Carlisle, via Busron mills, Rawley’s mill, to Bowling Green, Clay county. From Indianapolis, along the Cumberland road, to Terre Haute. From Richmond, via Newport and Winchester, to Fort Wayne. From Connersville, via Harrisburg, Louisville, and New Castle, to Munceytown. From Oxford, Ohio, via Bath Springs, in Indiana, Fairfield, via West Union- Columbia, and Orange post office, in Fayette county, to Rushville. From Knightstown, via Greenborough, to Pendleton. From Grant court-house to Lagro, in Wabash county. From Peru, and Sparta, to Lima, in La Grange county. From Kirk’s cross roads, via Frankfort and Jefferson, to Lafayette. From Fredonia to Mount Prospect, in Crawford county. From Eaton, in Ohio, New Boston, Abington, and Philomith, to Centreville, in Indiana. From Princeton, Indiana, to Mount Carmel, Illinois. From Mooresville, by Bridgeport, Clermont, Piketon, and Westfield, to Strawtown. From Martinsville to Gosport. From Peru, by Wilkinson's settlement on Eel river, Rochester, Chippewa, Plymouth, and Oakland, to Laporte. From Greenville, Ohio, by Huntington, Indiana, Turkey Creek Prairie, to Goshen. From Strawtown to Logansport. From Fort Wayne, by Chippewa, to Ottawa. From Wabash, by Goshen, to Bristol. From White Pigeon, Michigan, to Pulaski, Indiana. From Burlington, Kentucky, by Rising Sun, Hartford, Dillsboro’ and Hartville, to Versailles. From Lafayette, by Battle Ground, Pleasant Run, Barnes, and Georgetown, to Logansport. From Crawfordsville to Rob Roy. From Crawfordsville, by Darlington and Thornton, to Frankfort. From South Bend to Edwardsburg. From Michigan City, by Baileytown, Deep river, Robinson’s Prairie, and the crossings of Kankakee, to Peoria, Illinois. From Strawstown, by Carnden, to Del hi. From Marion, by Lagro, to Goshen. From Fort Wayne, in fhdiana, by Turkey Creek Prairie, to Ottawa, in Illinois. From Logansport to Goshen. From Madison, by Marion and Moore’s tavern, to N apoleon. In Mé'ssissq>pi.—-—From Canton, via Warsaw, to Beattie’s blutfl From In Mississippi. Vicksburg, via Benton, Lexington, Blackhawk, Carrollton, Grenada, Coffeeville, Holly Spring, and Patawpha court·house, via La Grange, to Bolivar, Tennessee. From Madisonville, via Canton and Montgomery, Franklin, to Lexington, in Holmes county. grom Memphis, r