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T30 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C1r.363. 1836. Whitehallhar- For improving the entrance of Whitehall harbor, on Lake Cham. l’°’· plain, eight thousand dollars. Qpczbrgglkslg b F3; guslod-ling an ice-breaker on Staten island, nineteen thousand five »· B D · Ill] 6 BIS. New J,,,,,,, For improving the harbor at New Brunswick, by removing the Ob. ljlew Bains- structrons in the Raritan river, according to a plan reported to the Wm- ‘Y‘°k_lm'l*°'· Department by Hartman Bache, seven thousand dollars. Littl°Egg For the protection and improvement of Little Egg harbor, according harbor. to the plan reported to the War Department, five thousand dollars. Saws of For a survey of Crow Shoal in Delaware ba to ascerta' th Crow Shoal · · · ·y’ m 8 · expediency of constructing a breakwater or artificial harbor, one thou. pennsylvania_ sand dollars. Chester har- For repairs at the harbor of Chester, three thousand dollars. bgé*··w¤t·» at- r.l`€’Ev{?§‘3."‘2.ifil`°.il’2’.?.1l.‘*L`iEZY.°Z£’l°“?if‘"" of €`° ““2gr?‘i'3*I’*.§°§"‘i,°f e , near rt 1 e ar o ‘

 o fifteen thousand dollars. P g I 0 I a 6 P m'

p,ywm·B_ For improving the harbor of Wilmington, by removing the bar at the hgixilgnwgten mouth of Christiana river, according to the plan recommended by Muyimi Hzgtmain Bache, cg`] tips engineer corps, iilteen thousand dollars. Bglumprg lm. or eepemng e arbor of Baltimore twenty thousand d ll . hgh For a survey of the head waters of Chesapeake ba ursiraiilts to “"°Y’ Cm" resolution of the L 'sl t f M l Y, P a ,,,,;,,1,,, ,,3, For a unc of Egg}; ure o _ l;md, live {hundred dollars. r 1 1a. S S YIVCI‘ Jiééggggr of Richmondgfive hundred dolldlb. 6 new 0 mlpmving the harbor Channels of For improving the navigation of the natural channels at the northern pam?} Swamp gng southern entrances of the Dismal Swamp canal, fifteen thousand ana . dollars. N. G l' - . . . osha,,,';' }';,_ For removing a sand shoal in Pamtico river, five thousand dollars, by uggyslq-, means of dredging machine now in operation at Ocracook inlet. time in New For removing the oyster shoal in New river, Onslow county, by means ‘ of the dredging machine now in operation in the collection district of Bwumthub, Wilmington, five thousand dollars. S_ C,,,0u¤,,_ “To improve the harbor of Beaufort, five thousand dollars. gpgeyggpggs. dogg; a survey of the bar and harbor at Georgetown, one thousand Georgia. l F ° , R · or the removal of the Brunsw k b 'th thf' h Bédipzlivldgkgbu. hulibcr of Brunswick, ten thousand dolladgl Bylaw 0 lmpmving t 8 ‘°· •or constructing two piers and improvin the nav` f t th th m1¥{§,`;:l;,$£,Y°" of Vermilion river, ten thousand dollars, agcording llgnathbnpilan Feprdiled Indian to {Phe Wm Department. _. ,¤- . or e construction of a harbor at Mich'‘ M h igan city accordm to the h,,,{,°i,,,lg°‘° my plagi reported to th; Wsr Dlepgrtment, twenty thousand dollars. g y_,0u;,,;,,n,_ I _ or increasing the ept 0 water in the mouth of the M` `S` lttgutti ot‘Mrs· river, by closing some of the passages leading out of it or by dlgtihgpd msxppinver. gipphzhrgrgggtpgybyfapg other {magna whiogi shall be deemed expedient A _ o ar wit teappro ationofth P 'd t fth llmted States, seventy-tivé thousand dollars; the said sdm lgsbeedlxpgnded in whole or in part, as may be thought proper by the War Department Missouri. alter the necessary survey shall have been made. , pgs, ,,.,,1. Sh For a pier to give direction to the current of the Mississippi river, Léapislg of rh near the city of St. Louis, lilteen thousand dollars. ,,,.,,1,,, gmming angggglisi pégaint Francis,1B1ack,dand White rivers, in Arkansas an Missouri. , rmme upon the efh glorida, raf? thereon, one thousand dollars. Xpe wmy O mmoving t C mmm] ~°m°V¤¤ or removin a mud shoal all d h ’ Blkflf g _,G B teBulkHead with ch I lhléglili °° fro£`nmlE}z;;Pass tp Appalacfhicola, ten thousand dollars., 8 mma nc gan. __ _ _ cons ruc ion o a pier or hre kw t t th h f ll ,,—l£g;{]l};:`°§L river Saint Joseph, twenty thousand dollaiis. a at a B mom O t 6