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140 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 3. 1837. Deviationfrom the coins, the following d€Vl&tl0X1S lfom lllé S£&Hfl¤.1'd weight shall not be l*;5¤l i;“Pd“:gS exceeded in amy of the single pieces: In the dollar and hull` dollar, me

B°fms0}20,ns’ gram and a half; in the quarter dolljxr, ono gram; m the dime and },a]{

in single dime, half s grain; in the ulold coms, oncéquurtng cli a grain; in the P'°°°$- er coins, one rain in 6 Cfmywéi t; all t at in wei him; I°“l"g°"“m` gpg number of piices to¤ether,pwhen delivered from the chieig cgi}; bmogmmi to ghe treasurer, and Eomlihe treasurer to the depositors, the deviations from the standard weight shall not exceed the following limits: Four pennyweights in one thousand dollars; three pcnnyweights in one thou— sand half dollars; two pennyweights in one thousand quarter dollars; one pennyweight in one thousand dimes; one pennyweiglit in one thousand half dimes; two pennyweights in one thousand eagles ;· one and a half peunyweight m pne thousand half eagles; one pennyweight in one thousand uurter e es. Coins to be Sec. And bigit further enacted, That the chief coiner shall, wished- from time to time, as the coins are prepared, deliver them over to the treasurer, who shall keep a careful record of their kind, number, and weight; and that, in receiving the coins, it shall be the duty of the treasurer to see whether the coins of that delivery are within the legal limits of the standard weight; and if his trials for this purpose shall not prove satisfactory, he shall cause ull the coins of this delivery to be weighed separately, and such as are not of legal weight shall be delivered to the mclter and reiiner, as standard bullion, to be again formed into iugots and recoined. Coins to bs Sec. 27. And be it further enacted, That at every delivery of coins l"°°°"°d f°l` made by the chief coiner to the treasurer, it shall be the duty of the the annunltnal. tr . . . . . easurer, m the presence of the assayer, to take indiscriminately, a certain number of pieces of each variety for the annual trial of coins, (the number being prescribed by the director,) which shall be carefully labelled, and deposited in a chest appropriated for the purpose, kept under the joint care of the treasurer and assayer, and so secured that nelilther can have access to its contents without the presence of the ot er. c?i¤5`¤¤g*l¢:L'¤c¤f V S20. Andtbc it further enacted, That the chief coiner shall, from pp S ’ ’ time to t1me,_del1ver to the treasurer the clippings and other portions of bullion remeunin after the process of coming, and that the treasurer shall keep a carehil record of their amount. Tmnsprerlsl Sec. 529. And be it further enacted, That in the treasure1·’s account

{§§}";0iKg,_ with the chief coiner, the chief coiner shall be debited with the amount

in weight of standard metal of all the bullion placed in his hands, and credited with the amount, also by weight, of all the coins, clippings, and other bullion delivered by him to the treasurer; and that once at Ieqst in every year, at such time as the director shall appoint, the chief corner shall deliver to the treasurer all the coins and bullion in his possession, so that his accounts may be settled up to that time; and, in this n£ggs‘;g°° f°' settlement, he shall be entitled to :1 credit for the diH'erenee between the wwe_ Whole amount of the ingots delivered to him, and of the coins and bul- _ lion received from him, since the last settlement, as an allowance for P’°‘"’°· necessary waste: Provided, That this allowance shall not exceed two thouszmdths of the whole amount of the silver, or one and one-half thouszmdth of the whole amount of the’gold, that had been delivered to P8 mm for bun by the treasurer. bumlgn dew8h_ Sec. $0. Am] be it further enacted, That when the coins which are edu; be coined_ the equivalent to any deposite of bullion are ready for delivery, they shall he paid over to the depositor, or his order, by the treasurer, on a warrant from the director; and the payment shall be made, il' demtmded, in the order in which the bullion shall have been brought to the mint, givmglpriority according to priority of deposite only; and that in the denominations of coin delivered, the treasurer shall comply with the