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TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sr·;ss.II. Ch. 3. 1837. 141 wishes of the depositor, unless when impracticable or inconvenient to do so; in which case, the denominations of coin shall be designated by the director. Sec. 31. And be it further enacted, That for the purpose of enabling Depositof pubthe mint to make returns to depositors with as little delay as possible, it nc "‘9”°Y ‘° .b° shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Treasury to keep in the said }Q;p§£,;ll;,l;Tji mint, when the state of the treasury will admit thereof, a deposite of Treasury. such amount of public money, or of bullion procured for the purpose, as he shall judge convenient and necessary, not exceeding one million of dollars, out of which those who bring bullion to the mint may be paid the value thereof, as soon as practicable, after this value has been ascertained; that the bullion so deposited shall become the property of the United States; that no discount or interest shall be charged on moneys so advanced; and that the Secretary of the Treasury may at any time withdraw the said deposite, or any part thereof, or may, at his discretion, allow the coins formed at the mint to be given for their equivalent in other money. Sec. 32. And be it farther enacted, That to secure a due conformity Annual trial or in the gold and silver coins to their respective standards and weights, °°i¤¤· an annual trial shall be made of the pieces reserved for this purpose at the mint and its branches, before the judge of the district court of the A°‘°f Trib United States, for the eastern district of Pennsylvania, the attorney of :6,,,,,3] the United States, for the eastern district of Pennsylvania, and the col- ed. lector of the port of Philadelphia, and such other persons as the President shall, from time to time, designate for that purpose, who shall meet as commissioners, for the performance of this duty, on the second Monday in February, annually, and may continue their meetings by adjournment, if necessary; and if a majority of the commissioners shall fail to attend at any time appointed for their meeting, then the director of the mint shall call a meeting of the commissioners at such other time as he may deem convenient; and that before these commissioners, or a majority of them, and in the presence of the officers of the mint, such examination shall be made of the reserved pieces as shall be judged sufficient; and if it shall appear that these pieces do not differ from the standard fineness and weight by a greater quantity than is allowed by law, the trial shall be considered and reported as satisfactory; but if any greater deviation from the legal standard or weight shall appear, this fact shall be certified to the President of the United States, and il`, on a view of the circumstances of the case, he shall so decide, the officer or officers implicated in the error shall be thenceforward disqualified from holding their respective offices. Sec. 33. And be it farther enacted, That copper bullion shall be P¤T¢h2S¢hPf purchased for the mint, from time to time, by the treasurer, under °°pP°r “M" instructions from the director; that the cost shall be paid from the fund hereinafter provided for; and that the copper bullion shall be of good quality, and in form of planchets tit for passing at once into the hands of the chief coiner. Sec. 34. And be it further enacted, That the copper planchets shall Coirmge of' be delivered, from time to time, by the treasurer to the chief ooiner, °°Pl’°" to be by him coined; and all such copper shall be returned to the treasurer, by the chief coiner, weight for weight, without allowance for waste. $11:0.35. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of G¤Pl{;¤* °°i¤¤ the treasurer of the mint to deliver the copper coins, in exchange for 3;;;,,3 g,:' their legal equivalent in other money, to any persons who shall apply for other money. them: Provided, That the sum asked for be not less than a certain P¥<>V¤S°· amount, to be determined by the director, and that it be not so great as, in his judgment, to interfere with the capacity of the mint to supply other applicants.