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TWENTY—FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 17. 1837. M9 foundries and arsenals to the fortifications and frontier posts, and of lead from the western mines to the several arsenals, the sum of one hundred and seventy-seven thousand dollars: For the incidental expenses of the (I2,uartermaster’s Department, Incidental exqonsisting of postage on public letters and packets; expenses of courts- P¤¤S¤¤ qhhe martial and courts of inquiry, including the compensation of judge §;‘,£{,‘,;,° De' advocates, members, and witnesses; extra pay to soldiers, under an act I of Congress of the second of March, eighteen hundred and nineteen; expenses of expresses from the frontier posts, of the necessary articles for the interment of non-commissioned officers and soldiers; hire of laborers; compensation to clerks in the offices of quartermasters and assistant quarterrnasters, at posts where their duties cannot be performed without such aid, and to temporary agents in charge of dismantled works, and in the performance of other duties; purchase `of horses to mount the second regiment of dragoons, and expenditures necessary to keep the two regiments of dragoons complete, including the purchase of horses to supply the place of those which may be lost and become unfit for service, and the erection of additional stables, one hundred and ninety-two thousand dollars: For contingencies of the army, three thousand dollars: Contingencies For two months' extra pay to re·enlisted soldiers, and for the con- °g,°i‘“Y· t . tingent expenses of the recruiting service, thirty-four thousand three ,,,_;,,i?S,E§ys,;_ hundred and sixty-two dollars: diem, &.c. For arrearages prior to the first of July, one thousand eight hundred Arresrages and fifteen, payable through the office of the Third Auditor, one thou- {ga); '°l¤*·l¤lY· sand dollars: ’ For the national armories, three hundred and sixty thousand dollars: National ar- For the armament of the fortifications, two hundred thousand dollars: mX'*°¤· t f For the current expenses of the ordnance service, one hundred and ,;,,.§§;'£§:,_° twenty-three thousand nine hundred and seventy-five dollars: Current ex- For arsenals, three hundred and seventy-three thousand four hundred P°¤’°° of .°*’d· and twenty-nine dollars: uE.;;s,$];l°°° For the purchase of percussion cannon locks, fifteen thousand dollars: Percussion For the manufacture of elevating machines for barbette and casemate °E';“°“.l°°l‘“· . . Bilallflg U18.- carrrages, eight thousand two hundred and fifty dollars: ch;,,", &,,,_ For the manufacture of sponges for field and battery cannon, one Sponges for thousand nine hundred and sixty dollars: °°””°”· For the rifle factory at the Harper’s Ferry armory, eight thousand Rifle factorynt five hundred and sixty-nine dollars: H¤1‘P¢¤"SF¤¤‘V· For completing the barracks at Baton Rouge, being an amount ex- Completing pended out of the general appropriation for the Q,uartermaster’s De- b¤¤’§¢k¤ ¤¢ ¤· partment, and to enable the accounting officers to close the accounts, t°“ °“g°' twenty-three thousand nine hundred and sixty-nine dollars and five cents: For completing the wharf at Fort Monroe, Virginia, five hundred Wharfat Fort dollars : M°m`°°· For constructing a river wall, making the embankment to the same, RM, wan, arching, stone-walling, repairing the embankment of the new canal, and cmbankmentof for completing the tilt-hammer shop at Harper’s Ferry, fifty-three thou- gm;:n°;lgr“d sand seven hundred and forty-three dollars! shop at Harp. For a magazine at the arsenal at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, five thou- QF F u sand dollars: 33,;:% Rouge_ For the purchase of land, building a brick warehouse, and wharf, purchase of and making a turnpike road to the river at the arsenal at Mount.Ver- gud. 6b1c- at Ripe non, Alabama, in addition to former appropriations for these objects, V;$;'g;_ m °· six thousand six hundred dollars: For enlar ing the site at the arsenal at Frankford, Pennsylvania, one Amps; at thousand dollars: 2 F'¤°kf°’d» P°· N