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156 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess.I1. C 11.30. 1837, Brvckiyn naw For improvement and necessary repairs of the mv , _ y yard at B; k Y“d‘ New York, sxxty-two thousand five hundred dollars; lyn’ pbgyudelphiu For xmprovcment and HGGGSSGJY l'€P6il’$ Of the navy yard at Phijadcl, navy yard. Phia, Pennsylvama., thirty-four thousand eight hundred and iiiiy dollars . wasunéwnFor nmprcvcment und H§00SSm‘y Ycpilirs of the navy yard at Wash; MW Y¤ · mgmn, fifty-two thousand exght hundred and fifty dollars; Gosport navy For improvement and necessary repairs of the navy yard at GUS 0 t yard- Virginia, one hundred and forty thousand five hundred dollars- P ’ Pensacola For improvement and necessary repairs of the navy yard near Pen. MW wid- sacola, seventy-eight thousand dollars; Ordn¤n¤e,&,c. For ordnance and ordnance stores, seventy-two thousand dollars; Miscellaneous For def;-pying the expenses that may accrue for the following pm-. expenses. poses, m wu; foryhe freight and transportation of materials and stores of evqyy desenpuon; for wharfage and dockage; storage and rem; pave mg explenses of officers and IIHHSPOICQIIOH of seamen; house rent vogepinrsfers pz engttached to gpards and stations There no house is pm. · ; or uner expenses, or commissions, cerk hire, office rem

?;<;gc;g,r;gpufp;1, mf navy agelnts fordpremiumsfand incidental exi

_ ll g· or appre en m eserters· 1- ‘ judge advocates; fox: per diem allowagce to persor; rigcgrggxig 2211-;; mm-ug} and courts of inquiry; for printing and stationery O? every description, and for working the Ixthographm press, and for books, maps charts, mathematical and uauuca.1 instruments, chronometers, model; apo drawmgs; for the purchase and repair of fire engines and ma; cnpery, and for the repmr of steam engmes; for the purchase and mzumemmnce of oxen and horses, and for carts, timber wheels and worljsmexfs too}s of every description; for postage of letters on public servuiei for pdotagc and towing ships of war; for cabin furniture of vesses m eommnssxon; taxes {md Iassessmentsloo public property; for assistance rendered to vessels m distress; for mculental labor at navy purps, not applicable to any_other appropriation; for coal and other hazel , up for candles aug d01I; for repanrs of magazines or powder ses; or prepanng mo s for ships to be built and for no other gggroge whatever, three hundred and thirty-seven thousand six hundred 3 Comingem Fo1‘ contingent ex enses for ob ee1;s 1; h ' mmm, three thousand dollar; j no erembeforc enumerated, Fay and sub- Fo! pay of H10 OmG61'S DOD-O0mm d {H

2=f;¢;¤rp:f rm- privates, apd subsistence of the officer§2?;i1e ?I1H;?’f; cT$:?1?; hi;3

I l ‘ dred and snxty-ghyee thousand and nineteen dollars and sixty eents ; n15£¥?£?¤‘{0r rxpfcghe proynsmns forhthe non-commissioned officers, musicians, and mm cmcm P , serving on s ore, servants, and washerwomen thirt—three &c__ sowing Ok theipsand foot hundred end twenty-eight dollars and eighty centsg _ slgmhin ’ or clothmg, thnrty-cnght thousand six hundred and fifty-five dollars; S For fuel fourteen th d ii h FUSL , _ ouszm ve undred and exghcy-nme dollars · R,mh.s0fbm,_ For keepxng the present barracks in repair until new ones cap be racks. erected, and for the repairs of barracks at head-quarters and Ports- Tn on m<;1th,gew Hampshire, ten thousand dollars; _ mm a- or e transportation of officers non-co ‘ · n [ m { . , , _ mmmsxoned oiHcers, mus1- gc. ° ° °"'S• mans, and prxyutes, and expenses of rccrunting, six thousand dollars · hM¤qEm,,_ For medwmcs, hospital stores, surgical instruments ·md pay of . . > ‘ épgpnt mores, Irpzgobrgligor thousand one hundred and thxrty-mne dollars and twenty- Comin t . F K · · . palms gg2a?; and iguigngnggpigexpensps of stud corps, frenght, fcrrmge, poll, ovharfage, corps, gw_ _ g , Q em a owancc for attending courts of mqmry, compensatmn to judge advocates, house rent where there vc no ublic quarters asmgned incidental lab h : P expenses of but _» 0 d or m the quertermaster s department, priming St { ymuf eceased persons belooging to the marine corps, U, a xonery, orage, postage on publxc letters, expenses in pur.