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TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch.31. 1837. 159 For the Seneoas of New York, six thousand dollars; Ssnscss of N. For the Ottawas, four thousand three hundred dollars; Yé"’k· For the Wyandots, six thousand eight hundred and forty dollars; For the Wyandots, Munsees, and Delawares, one thousand dollar ; Wysndots, For the Christian Indians, four hundred dollars; %‘;"$°°$· md For the Miamies, thirty thousand one hundred and ten dollars; (gh;:.?;?,;;,?';,;, For the Eel Rivers, one thousand one hundred dollars; dians. For the Pottawatamies, twenty thousand eight hundred dollars; glf‘1‘;l"’· For the Pottawatamies of Huron, four hundred dollars; p:,,,,:;::' For the Pottawatamies of the Prairie, sixteen thousand dollars; miss. _ For the Pottawatamies of the Wabash, twenty thousand dollars; ¥°IQ“""’*"m*°“ For the Pottawatamies of Indiana, seventeen thousand dollars ; Opotgxsthnye, For the Chippewas, Ottawas, and Pottawatamies, thirty-four thousand of the Prairie. two hundred and ninety dollars; $°£°“$'*Lml%¤ For the Winnebagoes, thirty-seven thousand seven hundred and °p;,;w;,,,;;,j eighty-five dollars; of _Indiana. d ger the Menomonies, thirteen thousand nine hundred and twenty Ogxfvggwggh o ars; ta ’ - For the Chippewas, six thousand seven hundred and forty dollars; Pwinhgtgggggl For the Chippewas, Menomonies, Winnebagoes, and New York 1g:.“°m°“‘°S· Indians, fifteen hundred dollars; Mégggvgzgés d For the Sioux of Mississippi, three thousand six hundred and forty giinnsbagoesi ollars; ‘?· . For the Yancton and Santie band of Sioux, four thousand three ,,£Q°{:,;_°f Mm' hundred and forty dollars; Yancton and For the Omahas, three thousand nine hundred and forty dollars; gP”“° bands °f For the Saos of Missouri, one thousand six hundred and forty 8:,§h,,S_ dollars; Sass of Mis- For the Saos, three thousand dollars; S‘é““- For the Foxes, three thousand dollars; For the Ioways, five thousand one hundred and forty dollars ; Ioways. For the Saes and Foxes, twenty-three thousand nine hundred and SMS and twenty dollars; Foxes. For the Saes, Foxes, and Ioways, three thousand dollars; Iowuys. For the Ottoes and Missourias, five thousand six hundred and forty gmm and dollars ; Missourias. For the Kanzas, six thousand and forty dollars; K,mm,_ For the Osages, eleven thousand and forty dollars; ossges. For the Kiokapoos, six thousand five hundred dollars; Kiekspoos. For the Kaskaskias and Peorias, three thousand dollars; Ksskaskias For the Kaskaskias, Peorias, Weas, and Piankeshaws, nine hundred 8*;;* E€°E? · and forty dollars; Peg:;,,;? mb, For the Piankeshaws, thirteen hundred dollars; and Plunke- For the Weas, three thousand dollars; Shaws- For the Delawares, ten thousand two hundred and forty dollars; D,§::,;,,“_ For the Shawnees, six thousand nine hundred and forty dollars; Shawnee;. For the Shawnees and Delawares, five hundred dollars; 51m,,,,,,,,,,,; For the Shawnees and Senecas of Lewistown, one thousand nine Deinwares. hundred and forty dollars; For the Senecas of Lewistown, two thousand five hundred and forty Seasons of dollars ; Lewistown. d {or the Chootaws, fifty-four thousand eight hundred and twentr gh0cmw,_ o ars; For the Chickasaws, six thousand dollars; Chickssaws. For the Creeks, forty-seven thousand eight hundred and sixty dollars; C,,.,,,k,_ For the Quapaws, four thousand five hundred and forty dollars; Quspaws- For the Florida Indians, nine thousand six hundred and ten dollars; d;L‘;‘d“ m' For the Pawnees, twelve thousand dollars; Pswness. For the Cherokees, west, six thousand nine hundred and sixty dollars; Chcrvkun