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TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I1. Ch.31. 1837. 161 For additional compensation to a blacksmith for the Menornonies, as Blacksmith for Provided for by the ninth section of the act of June thirtieth, eighteen M°“°m°'“"’Sg, hundred and thirty-four, one hundred and twenty dollars; 1834* °h‘16“' For additional compensation to blacksmiths for the Senecas and Blacksmiths Shawnees, as provided for by the ninth section of the act of June thir- for S<¢¤€¤=¤¤ and tieth, eighteen hundred and thirty-four, two hundred and forty dollars; S,l§’§Z";f,S‘]62 For agricultural assistance for the Sacs and Foxes, in addition to the Agribultiirali amount heretofore allowed, and to which they are entitled by an equita- ¤SS1S*¤¤¢¤ for ble construction of the treaties of the fourth of August, eighteen hun- Sa°sa"dF°X°°‘ dred and twenty-four, and the fifteenth of July, eighteen hundred and thirty, seven hundred and forty dollars; For the purpose of supplying a deficiency in the sum applicable to Dancienoyin the payment of annuities for eighteen hundred and thirty-six, caused by Sum ¤DDli¤¤bl¤ the retention, as commissions on disbursement, by Lieutenant N. J. ;%§3fQ;°:“[°f Eaton, United States army, of this amount, two thousand seven hundred i and eighty-nine dollars; Provided always, That this appropriation shall Proviso. not be so construed as to give any sanction to any disbursing officer, in retaining commissions on any sum of money paid by him in pursuance of treaty stipulations; but on the contrary it is still considered the duty of the proper officers to use all legal means to compel the payment of said sum of two thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine dollars, retained by Lieutenant N. J. Eaton; For payment of balance due Andrew S. Hughes and Jonathan L. Pa ment to Bean, in compliance with an arrangement made with them, February i},¤dli<=W S· fourteenth, eighteen hundred and thirty-two, by the Superintendent of Jcffgggnaid Indian Affairs at St. Louis, in pursuance to instructions from the War Bean. i Department, sixteen hundred dollars; For the payment to Charles Rodgers the appraised value of a distil- Payment to lery built by him prior to the act of eighteen hundred and thirty-four, Ch¤¤·R°dg<·>¥¤· and afterwards destroyed by order of the Indian agents, and for which he was promised indemnity, the sum of sixteen hundred and ninety-two dollars; For the purpose of paying the expenses of two Fox chiefs and their Visit of two attendants, in coming to the city of Washington, on necessary business, FOX chiefs to and returning to their nation, the sum of fifteen hundred dollars; W”hmgt°"’ For the purpose of enabling the Secretary of War, to pay a subscrip- Fifty copies or tion made in eighteen hundred and thirty, for the Indian department, gi¤*°,?'_°f I¤· of fifty copies of the History of the Indian Tribes of North America, an nb"' with biographical sketches, to be composed of, say twenty numbers each, the sum of three thousand dollars ; For the purpose of fulnlling the stipulations in the twentieth article Education or of the treaty with the Choctaws of the twenty-seventh September .Ch°°'“’ Y°“*h¤ eighteen hundred and thirty, providing for the education of forty Choctaw youths, in addition to the sum heretofore provided, the sum of two thousand dollars; For holding treaties with the various tribes of Indians east of the Holding m,,, Mississippi river, for the cession of lands held by them respectively, · ties with the and for their removal west of the Mississippi, ten thousand dollars; §,‘;‘;‘;°*;’f’h° For the purpose of defraying the expenses of Eleazer Williams, in EXp,,ng '0{ coming from Green Bay, and returning home, on business relative to Elcazcr Wilthe Oneida Indians, the sum of five hundred dollars; ha"' For carrying into effect the treaty with the Menomonies of the third Menomonie;. September, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, two hundred and eighty- eight thousand five hundred and forty dollars; For carrying into effect the treaties with the Pottawatamies of the p0m,,.,,,,,,_ fifth of August, twentieth, twenty-second and twenty-third September, miss. eighteen hundred and thirty-six, and eleventh February, eighteen hundred and thirty-seven, seventy-three thousand four hundred and twenty·· three dollars; Vox,. V.—$Zl 0 2