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168 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess.II. Ch. 33. 1837. surveyor Gen. For compensation to the Surveyor General of Mississippi, two thm,. °f M‘”‘"'l’l”‘ sand dollars; _ _ Clerks. For compensation of clerks in the office of said Surveyor General, per acts of ninth May, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, five thousand s; · Surveyor Gen. doll}; compensation to the Surveyor General for Alabama, two thousand for Alabama, dollars;l l cp,,.k,_ For compensation of clerks m the office of said Surveyor Genera], per acts of ninth May, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, two thousand dollars; _ Gen. For com ensation of the Surveyor General of Florida, two thousand o?Pl:i·id‘; dollars; P _ Clerks. For compensation of clerks in the office of said Surveyor General, three thousand dollars; _ _ Copies ofoon- For expenses of completing the copies of confirmations and orders ii*"*,'*°‘*°¤,§ wl of survey, and procuring from the offices of the registers copies of geyirzg S`"` plats and sketches necessary to a correct location of private claims, explained in the report from the General Land Office, two thousand dollars; Commissioner For com ensation to the Commissioner of Public Buildings in Wash- ?fP“bu° B“M' ington, twopthousand four hundred and fifty dollars; "§;,;,,,,,,,_ For compensation to three assistangsfto cplmngssilonerg as superinppndent at Potomac bridge, two thousan our un re an sixty-tiree o- lars and seventy-tive cents; _ _ Rep¤irs_ofPo- For repairs of the said bridge, wood for the draw-keepers, and oil tor glmm b“'lg°- lam s, two hundred and seventy-seven dollars; _ _ 6,};;,,,,,, and Itlbr clpmpensationl toi tlliehoflicers and clerks of the Mint, nineteen clerks of Mint. thousan seven run re dollars; Assistants ,,,,,1 For compensation to assistants and laborers in the various departlabsrerm ments of the Mint, twenty-four thousand dollars; t W¤st¤ps_of For wastage of gold and silver, and contingent expenses of the Mint, §3l¢l¤¤ ¤lV¤’» including improvements in machinery, thirty-eight thousand one hun- °’ dred dollars; _ _ _ New msdn- For expenses incident to the introduction of new machinery and appa- ”°’Y• &°· ratus, twenty thousand dollars; _ Gow¤0,,_&c_ For compensation of the Governor, Judges, and Secretary of Wisvf W¤»¤<>¤¤¤¤- consm Territory, nine thousand one hundred dollars; Contingent For contingent expenses and compensation of the members of the •¤P°¤¤¤¤»&•°· Legislative Assembly of said Territory, and printing the laws, nine thousand seven hundred and nity dollars; Govemoi·,&c. For compensation of the Governor, Judges, and Secretary of the °f Fl°“d'*· Territory of Florida, eleven thousand seven hundred dollars; h Contingent For contin ent ex enses, a , and mileage of the members of the °XP°““°¤· &*°· Legislative Cguncil dl said Teiritory, stationery, fuel, printing, pay of . the officers of the council, and copying laws, ten thousand three hundred and thirty-tive dollars; Cliietifustics, For compensation to the Chief Justice, the Associate Judges, and ?·;5;;“‘:"d Liitrict Judges of the United States, eighty-four thousand nine hundred District Judges, 0 MSS U. S. For com ensntion of the Chief Justice and Associate Judges of the agl‘§g;;¥’: District of_}Columbia, and of the Judges of the Orphans' Courts of said _r,,dg,,,, D_ cn District, nine thousand five hundred dollars; _ Szmm G For compensation to the Attorney General of the United States, four mm, Y °· thousand dollars ;. I Clepk and For compensation of clerk and messenger in the office of the Attormessenger. uey General, one thousand three hundred dollars; (3cm_ m,,,,,, For contingent expenses of said office, five hundred dollars; Reporter of For compensation to the reporter of the decisions of the Supreme S“PF°¤° CW Court, one thousand dollars;