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TWENT Y-FOURTH CONGRESS. S1=:ssLH. Ch. 33. 1837. 173 intendence of the grounds around the same, seven thousand three &c., of Presihundred dollars; xnfs h°¤¤°· For compensation to the gardener employed in superintending the (gardens, {0, capitol square and other public grounds, one thousand dollars ; capitol ¤<i¤¤r¢. For clerk hire, mileage, pay of 'witnesses, serving subpoenas, and S?-d H other incidental expenses, under the orders of the select committees of pczghscgrassiiil inquiry appointed by the House of Representatives, twenty-five thou- 9<>mmi¤¤¤ vf sand dollars, in addition to the contingent fund of said House; "’q““Y· For an outfit of a charge d’afl`aires to New Grenada, four thousand crm {to five hundred dollars; New Grenada. For balance due the acting Governor of Michigan, according to an Balance dug account adjusted by the accounting officers, seven hundred and twenty the wing GW- dollars and fifty-one cents;°f M'°h'€““• For completing surveys of unfinished portions of townships, islands, surveys in lakes, &c., in Missouri, not exceeding five dollars per mile, seventeen Missourithousand five hundred dollars; For completing the light-house at Oswego, New York, seven hundred Light-house at and fifteen dollars; Oswego- For payment of arrearages due contractors on the Cumberland road Arrearages in Ohio, being the balance of an appropriation carried to the surplus g“ih;°3";:;;" fund on the thirty~first December, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, j,:,,; ,,,,,3 P twelve hundred and twenty-five dollars and forty-one cents; For compensation to Daniel Graham, late Secretary of the State of Comqensuticn Tennessee, for his services, performed at the request of the Commis- j;£°·‘“‘°lG’“" sioner of the General Land Office, in order to answer a call of the ` House of Representatives, made on twentieth of January eighteen hundred and twenty-nine, two hundred and fifty dollars; For the expense of bringing to the seat of Government, the votes for Votes of Pre- President and Vice President of the United States, in addition to a gd"!'¤¤d VM former appropriation, two thousand two hundred dollars; Ie8mm' For compensation of the Senators and Representativesselected by Senators and Michigan, twelve hundred and forty-eight dollars; li.°HFi¤'°'¤'·'°¤ For the payment of a balance due for the expenses of the Legislative °Leé;,;€:,;' Council of the Michigan Territory, two thousand and fifty-seven dollars Council or Mi. and seventy-two cents ; <>hi£¤¤· For fulfilling the contracts made with John Vanderlyn, Henry Inman, p,;,,,;,,gs go,. Robert Wier, and John G. Chapman, by the Joint Committee of Con- the ronnido of gress under the joint resolution of the twenty-third day of June, one *l'° °“P”°l· thousand eight hundred and thirty-six, for the execution of four his- Ants, p. 133. torical paintings for the vacant panncls of the rotundo of the capitol, eight thousand dollars; To enable the President of the United States to contract for two Groups of groups of statues, to adorn the two blockings on the east front of the ::';“g_i¤€‘;' ‘h° capitol, eight thousand dollars; ' To Mr. Auger for the bust of the late Chief Justice Ellsworth, four Bust of gmc; hundred dollars; Jumps EUS- To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to employ for one year, a wX?,.,{,,g,,m,,,,,, competent person to classify and arrange, translate when necessary, and &.c. ofpaipers make suitable records of the papers and documents connected with the ¤g,ggg;¤gndw=¤h private land claims, which, at sundry periods, have been presented to, gj,,;m,_ and acted on, by the Commissioner, or the registers and receivers acting as commissioners, on private land claims for the district east of the island of New Orleans, and west of Pearl river, in the State of Louisiana, the sum of two thousand dollars; For pay and mileage of the members of the Senate for the extra ses- Pay and milesion to commence on the fourth day of March instant, thirteen thousand of S¢¤¤*°¤ eight hundred and seventy-five dollars; Bezgoyxm For stationery, fuel, printing, and all other contiugen; expenses of the Contupensr