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TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sm s.II. Ch. 37. 1837. 179 by a board of commissioners of three in number, any two of whom done by the shall be a quorum to do business; said commissioners to be appointed ‘l‘:"°Y°' “';u‘l°{ by the President of the United States, and shall, previous to their enter~ lhiagtgnw c ing upon the discharge of their duties, take an oath or affirmation to amendment perform the same faithfully and impartially: Provided, That the action sbgllbj d?“°bY of the commissioners appointed under the present act shall not inter- ;,;s;?;,,:,,f$:1° {gre with any of the acts performed by the Surveyor General, prior to be nmwipred by the time of the passage hereof, in pursuance of instructions under the of P’°“‘d°“’· act to which this is amendatory. y20W5U_ Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the said commissioners shall The ¢ommishave power to hear evidence and determine all claims to lots arising ¤i<>¤¢r¤¢¤ h¤V¤ under the act to which this is an amendment; and for this purpose, the 3:}:: said commissioners are authorized to administer all oaths that may be m lots, &¤. S necessary, and reduce to writing all the evidence in support of claims to preemption presented for their consideration; and when all the testimony shall have been heard and considered, the said commissioners shall file with the proper register and receiver for the district within which the towns are situated respectively, the testimony in each ease, together with a. certificate in favor of each person having the right of pre-emption under the provisions of the act of which this IS amendatory; and upon making payment to the proper receiver of public moneys for Uprmpa mem the lot or lots to which such person is entitled, the receiver shall grant being mnde ¥¤ a receipt therefor, and the register issue certificates of purchase, to be ;l;?vQ;°f;";°{g, transmitted to the Commissioner of the General Land Onice, as in other he Shall mm; cases of the sale of public lands. receipt, gw. Sm. 3. And be it further enacted, That the proper register and re- The proper re. ceiver of public moneys, after the board of commissioners have heard gisner and reand determined all the cases of pre-emption under the act to which this gg:$;S‘;{L"Q`c:,l;° is an amendment, shall expose the residue of the lots to public sale to have dem. the highest bidder, after advertising the same in three public news- mined all cnses papers at least three months prior to the duy of sale, in the same man-, giaqfgfngggggj ner as is provided for the sale of public lands in other cases; and after ,54,,,, ogllm at paying the commissioners the compensation hereafter allowed them, and publig sale, to all other expenses incident to the said survey and sale, the receiver of 2:: b:§l;°'“ md' the land office shall pay over the residue of the money he may have re- Aim- paying ceived from the sale of lots aforesaid, by preemption as well as at pub- the commislie auction, into the hands of the trustees of the respective towns afore- ;;‘;’;f£{_8;E‘ag‘° said, to be expended by them in the erection of public buildings, the pay Over me construction of suitable wharves, and the improvement of the streets in r¤¤id¤¤ ¢¤ dw the said towns of Fort Madison, Burlington, Belleview, Du Buque, Peru and Mineral Point. nid, Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the commissioners appointed frm wmmis. to carry this act into effect, shall be paid by the receiver of public ¤g>i¥é¤£(¤30liE“ moneys, of the proper land district, six dollars each, per day, for their gc, dun services, for every day they are necessarily employed. Approved, March 3, 1837. """"" S·rn·¤·¤: II. Cx-rn. XXXVH.—An Act ta continue in farce for a limited time the acl cntilkd Much 3, Iggy_ "An acl lo carry into of cct m convention between the United States and @a£n." Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States tf America in Congress assembled, That the provisions Act 0;],,,,,, 7, of the act, entitled "An act to carry into eH`cct e. convention between 1§I§§, ch. Q7. the United States and Spain," approved on the seventh day of June, sion:0l;."5:;‘act one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six, be, and the same are hereby, Bzqgnded to 1,,; extended until the iirst day of February, one thousand eight hundred Pebruary,1838. and thirty-eight; and the commissioner appointed under the said act, shall, on or before the said day, terminate his dunes. Avpnovmn, March 3, 1837.