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l80 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 38, 39. 1837. S1·.vmrs II. March 3, ies-;. Cnu.XXXVHI.-—An Act for thejrwrc ncglngfablc administration if the Navy

 Pension F 1I, (G)

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Half-pay to United States of America in Congress assembled, That if any eiiiecr-I

  • 13** up m seaman or marine have- died, or may hereafter die, in the naval service,
8; ':§,;;,_leaving a widow, and, if no widow, a child or children, such widow,

and imrines, to and, if no widow, such child or children, shall be entitled to receive 3;mg¤H*;;¤°°,f*°m half the monthly pay to which the deceased would have been entitled, ,,6:,,, of fw}, under the acts regulating the pay of the navy, in force on the first day oiilear, &¤. of January, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-five, to commence from the time of the death of such officer, seaman, or marine; but in case of the death or intermarriage of such widow, the haliipay shall go to the child or children of such deceased officer, seaman, or marine, Provided, That the halfipay granted to the child or children shall cease on their death, or on their attaining the age of twenty-one years. p,,,,;,,,,, {-0,. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the pensions which may have wounds, Sec. to been granted, or which may hereafter be granted, to oflieers, seamen,

gm and marines, in the naval service, disabled by wounds or injuries re-

°g,,,,;i.!:°,g,:,_’ ° ceived while in the line of their duty, shall be considered to commence being disabled. from the time of their being so disabled, and that the amount of pension to which said officers, seamen, and marines, may be entitled, shall be regulated according to the pay of the navy as it existed on the first day of January, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-five. Acts repealed. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That all acts, and parts of acts, which may be inconsistent with the provisions of this act, be, and the same are hereby repealed, so far as they may relate hereto. Approved, March 3, 1837. Sn1·¤·1·: I1'. """"‘ Mlm}; 3, 133-;; Guan. XXXIX.-An Ae: furthe ‘m‘ment of wmmissionerstoadjusl the claims —-—w—·—-·---- to reservation: of land under Me%temlh article of the treaty of eighteen hun- Qg Ea, dred and thirty with the Choctaw Indians. EXW8d_] . Be it enacted by the Senate and House ty' Representatives of the United ’l‘hres com- States { America in Congress assembled, That there shall be appointed "“°°%°*:°5°é°l>° by the resident, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate,

{§i}i?.,,:;d,K,_ three commissioners whose duty it shall be to meet in the State of Miswith the advice siesippi at such time and place, as the President shall appoint and

mg§:t*:$”§°Y designate, and there proceed to ascertain the name of every Choctaw dmkdmigf Indian who was the head of an Indian family at the date of the treaty VOL vu, 888. at Dancing Rabbit Creek, who has not already obtained a reservation p' under said treaty, and who can show by satisfactory evidence, that he or she complied or oiiered to comply with all the requisites of the fourteenth article of said treaty,to entitle him or her, to a reservation under said article; and also the number and names of all the unmarried children of such heads of families, who formed a part of the family and were over ten years of age, and likewise the number and names of the children of such heads of families as were under ten years of age, and report. to the President, to be, by him, laid before Congress, all the names of suehlndians, and the different sections of land to which such heads of families were respectively entitled, together with the opinions of the commissioners, and whether any part of said lands have been sold by the Government, and the proofs applicable to each ease. commission. Sisc.2 And it further enacted, That before entering upon their nragagkc nn duties, each of said commissioners shall, before some judge or justice °‘ • °' plfi the peace, take an oath faithfully to discharge the duties imposed by s act. `0tu;B§;p:p·;2 the regulation of the Navy and Privateer pensions and Navy Hospital fund. July