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190 TWENTY·FOURTI-I CONGRESS. S¤ss.II. (311.44. 1837. Cape Fear ri- For continuing the improvement of the navigation of Cape Fear V"- river, below Wilmington, North Carolina, ten tluouszmd dollars ; Opening pas- For opening a passage, of fifty yards wide and seven feet deep, at low

;:l"':;=¤ water, between the town of Qeaufort and l’amlic0 sound, North Cam.

Beaufort and line, and for improving New rrver, in addmon to two sums of five thou. Pumticu sormd, sand dollars each, appropriated at the last session of Congress for the ’;j‘g“:’?iQ;‘;""‘g harbor of Beaufort and for New river, twenty thousand dollars; Channel iw_ For continuing the improvements of the inland channel between Niven St._Mn· Saint Mary’s and Saint J0hn’s, Florida, five thousand dollars ; Slggnégd °*· For continuing the improvement of the Cumberland river in Ken. Cu,,,gc,1,,,d tueky and Tennessee, according to the report of Colonel Aberr, United river. States Engineer, dated February twenty-third, eighteen hundred and thirty-five, of the survey of said river, fiftydive thousand dollars; Red river. For continuing the removal of obstructions in the Red river, sixty- five thousand dollars; Ohio river. For continuing the improvement of the Ohio river between the falls and Pittsbur , sixt thousand dollars; _Ohio_and Mis- For contirguing the improvement of the navigation of the Ohio and ”l“*PP* ¤V°¥¤· Mississippi rivers, from Louisville to New Orleans, sixty thousand dollars; Mississippi ri· For continuing the works for the removal of the obstructions to the "°’· navigatignd of the Mississippi river at its mouth, two hundred and ten thousan ol ars; Arkansas ri- For continuing the works for the removal of the obstructions to the ver. navigation of the Arkansas river, in addition to the unexpended balance of thirty-five thousand dollars, the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars; Mississjppiand For continuing the improvement of the Mississippi river above the M‘”°““ '“’°”· mouth of the Ohio, and of the Missouri river, forty thousand dollars; Mississippi ri- For the erection of a pier in the Mississippi river, near Saint Louis, V"' including the sum of fifteen thousand dollars, appropriated for that pur- _ pose at the last session of Congress, fifty thousand dollars; aghyiglggsgcuri l For improving the navigation of the Ohio, Missouri, and Mississippi mem PP' rivere, and te replace the steam snag-boat, Archimedes, sunk in the Steam mg. Mississippi river ui November last, twenty-three thousand dollars; l!§>é¢$e£&rchr· Forleontinuing the survey of Black and White rivers in Arkansas Bhd; and and Missouri, one thousand dollars ; l White mm, For making a survey from the southern debouche of the Dismal wililwg 33:;-¤ Swamp canal, down lthe Pasquotank river to Elizabeth, thence to mmm Pm_ Croatan Sound, Pamhco and other sounds, near the coast of North tioobimy of an Carolina; and thence by the most practicable route to Winyaw bay, in inland ocmmii- South Carolina, with a view to determine the praeticability of opening "‘°”"°“ ‘*°** *· 'ru a · r r · · fr it Ch me Chesapeake an 1 an communica 10n or ste=1m navigation, om the esapeake ¤ndCho.rle¤t¤n, bay to Charleston South Carohna, ten thousand dollars; S. C. Fer improving the harbor of New Brunswick, New Jersey, by rewl?:<;¤2£_i¤;r;¤· meving the obstructions in the Raritan river in addition to the appro- ' grragorri of .guly {omni; eighteen hundred and thirty-six, six thousand mne un re an six y- ree dollars; PXgkg“aLl;;0°gf· _ Sec. 2. And be it furtherenacted, That when the corporate authorims of Alana_ tres of the toyvn of Alexandrra shall depositc the stock held by them in aria deposiro the Alexandria Canal Company, in the hands of the Secretary of the $;'mg°;1l;5¤, Treasury, with proper and competent instruments and conveyances in bum compa law to vest the same in the Secretary of the Treasury and his succesgany, in the sore in office, for and on behalf of the United States, to be held in trust Gimp22h5h?- upon the same terms and conditions m all respects as the stocks held in ·l-tammy_ wml the Chesapeake and Ol!0 Canal by the several cities of this Distrrct, proper mma. were required to be held in and by virtue of the act approved on the 3;;*:*31 &¤·· *0 seventh day of June, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, entitled “An act in mm,°&_SQf‘fm for the relief of the several corporate cities of the District of Columbia}' is authorized no that the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby authorized and