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196 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I1. Ch. 49. 1837. Ex,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, For defraying the expenses incidental to making examinations and dental I0 rnv.- surveys, under the act of the tl\ll'£€€Il£h of April, Glghtéeu hundred and

 °gj:“'; twenty-four, and for geologilcal anld_mineral0gic5¤l_surycys and researehes

d r I n Bohr in the Indian country on the pu he lane s an in the territories of the 1’s1:¤!l?1824.cb. United States, thirty thousand dollars; ’ ‘*§u$·:3,s of a For surveys of a military character, and for the defences of the A;. militnrynchsr. lantic aid vyestexin frontiers, fifteen thiousaérd dollars. I r. - S., 't riser at atteseer h

 “‘£)’;m_ apprjagriated Tier thetcgiiuuctidh dfeffic Cumberlandv rozzid    

primed for the of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, shall be replaced by said States respec- Cugrbengaind tively, out of the fund reserved to each for laying out and making roads {3*,,;*, may under the direction of Congress, by the several acts passed for the Illinoissto be admission of said States into the Union, on an equal footing with the replaced bysaid origin;] Smtgga S“““· &°‘ Armovma, March 3, 1837. Snrurs 1I. March 3, 1837. CHAP. XLTX.-.6n Act to grant the Atchafalaya Railroad and Banking Com- ········‘· an me rightu wa thrvu lr lhe blic lands o the United Slate-s. P .9 5 3/ 5 Pu Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United The right of States of America in Congress assembled, That there be, and is hereby 3**;,5; 9*;**;;% granted to the Atohafalaya Railroad and Banking Company, a corpora. p5,.,:,?,,,,,, the tion created by the Legislature of the State of Louisiana, the right of road shall pass. way through such portions of the public land as the road or roads of _ said company is authorized by its charter to construct, shall pass: Pmvrso. Promded, That the portion of the public land occupied thereby shall not exceed eighty feet in width. The roéree of l Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the route of said road and

d ;°;“;’° 1ts branches, shall, at the expense of the aforesaid company, be surveyed

· a d d d h h h bl l· d b I l 9:&‘,€;t‘€‘»L ah §§€I§“‘§r 5. ""€g dt ‘1"“ it ‘`‘‘ G " " "2 “‘“F ii "'» '“‘3""'“"'3”’ _ r e el ·no es wi p a or pla s o e ams nm a §;‘;°h° 1°"d’* desgrigtion of the said land-mhrks or monuments, and their corrncction ° wit the previous official surveys of the adjacent lands, shall be returned to the office of the Surveyor General of the State of Louisiana, and to the General Land Office in Washington, within sixty days after the said surveys or plats are completed, and which shall be within one year 1 from the date of the passage of this act. PS[¤<;¤¤3f\l1¤ Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That for such depots, watering §;’,nl‘;d°,§'u_ d8_ plunges and workshops, as may be essential to the convenient use of said pats, &;c, §;1:d,a;h3re is also ggantexd to said company such portion Iof the public I rey may un er li e res notions an con mens, se ect, on eit cr Provrso. or each side of said road: Provided, That not more than four acres, to be laid oi? in a square form, shall be selected for such use or purpose at any one place, and not more than one such square shall be granted for every ten miles of the said road or its branches, lying within the public lands; which selections shall be surveyed and returned in the manner aforesaid, and approved by the Secretary of the Treasury for . _ the time being. “P¤rmrslucnto I Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That so long as the public land 8:g_?°3,;E;°§l°’ m the vicingtylof said road or its branches shall remain unsold, the said com any s · have permission to take therefrom such materials of eartlh, stone, or wood, as may be necessary for the construction of said ron . ·ph,,_g,,,_,m Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the grants herein contained, iwongamed lm-;. as well the use of thepublnc lands, as of the materials For the construe £;’un,°;:•;»,d tion of said road and its branches, shall cease and determine and be of road be Wm_ D0 effect, unless the said road be commenced and completed within the r¤¤¤¤¤¤mid_ h periods fixed by the charter of the company; and if the said road shall °°mPl° rm ‘ be, ut any time after its completion, or during the time of its construc-