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TWENTY-FOURTII CONGRESS. S¤ss.II. Ch. 5I, 52. 1837. 197 tion, discontinued or abandoned by said company, the grants and privl-· in the periods leges hereby made and allowed shall cease and determine and be of no HM bY the effect. charter, &c. Approved, March 3, 1837. Srarnn II. Gnu. Ll.-.021, Aer urlher to amend the act {nw oratinrr the Chem cake: fund Ohio Canal C0mp¢my.(a)’T c P ` Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Act of May Smles of Avncrilctt in Congr<·.s·.s· assembled, 'l`hat the act of the General 23. I8?6._cl¤.85- Assembly of Virginia, entitled "An act further to amend the act ineor- A°l°H’”"°"'l . Assemhlv of porating the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company," passed the twenty- v‘¤.,piiss.Td ami seventlr day of February, eighteen hundred and twenty-nine, be, and Feb-.1829, M- the same is hereby assented to and approved. s°"°€d l°‘ Sac, 2. And be it jizrt/wr erzartrrl, That if any person or persons Persons withshall, within the District of Columbia, wickedly, or maliciously, do in the D· C·· injury to the Chesapeake and Ohio canal, its embankments, walls, moles, tow-paths, bridges, culverts, drains, or to any part necessary to the uses Ctiesageake and purposes of said canal, he, she, or they, shall he liable to a fine of and ‘*l¤iv<==¤¤¤|» not less than five or more than fifty dollars, to be recovered before any justice of the peace of the District of Columbia; and any such justicc liable io line, may, on his own view, or on application verified hy ailidavit, to said &·<=· justice made, issue his warrant, describing the injury committed, and, upon conviction, the said justice shall have authority to commit the oifender to close jail, without bail or inainprise, until said fine and costs bc paid, or until said defendant he discharged by due course of law: Provided, harncvrr, That nothing in this act contained shall he so con- pmvgw strued as to prevent said canal company from recovering damages from any person or persons who may commit any of the trospasses atixrosaid. Sec. 3. And bw it hn·t/u·r c1mr·t:·r/, 'l`hat all condemuations of land Ccnuemmi. for the use and purposes of said canal company, which have herctothre ¤i¤¤S ¤ll<¤¤d bf! been made by the marshal of said District, or any lawliil deputy mar- g‘°`3'"§l;"l ° shal, shall be as valid as though the same had been situated in the State’ ` of Maryland, and had been condemned in pursuance of the laws of said State, through the action and agency of a sheriff of any of the counties of said State. Armovmn, Marcli 3, 1837. ""`—`°` Srnurs II. Cr1n~.LU.—-An Act to autlmrizc Ihr: Maw Orleam and Carrallrm Railroad Com- jtlnych 3, Iggy, pany lv cmmfruct rz railroad from Carrultvn tu [he town of Bayou Sum, in Liu: -—·———-—- —-—--· State af Louisiana. Be it enaclcd by the Smale and House of Representatives of rhe- United Stales of America in Con,;_rre·ss rznsemlr/od, 'l`hat there be, and Right of way is hereby, granted to the New Orleans and Carrolton Railroad Com- €'“'I*"d'l‘;°“·‘5h · . . . . p()l`l\(ll`IS0 the pany, incorporated by the Legislature of Louisiana, the right of way ,,,,m,cpmds rE_ through such portion of the public lands remaining unsold, for the ex- maining unsold. tension of their railroad from Carrolton to the town of Bayou Sara, in the said State: Providwl, That the portion of the public lands occupied Proviso. therefor, shall not exceed eighty feet in breadth; that the route of the said road shall be designated, and marked on the ground by plain landmarks, within the period of eighteen months from the passage of this act, and a copy of the notes of survey and plat thereof, with a description of the said landmarks, be transmitted to the General Land Office, in Washington, within the period aforesaid. Earth, stone, Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That so long as the public lands cbgaid in the vicinity of the said road shall remain unsold, the said company {md, ,.8,,,,,;,, shall have power to take therefrom such materials of earth, stone, and unsold.

(a) See Appendix, N0. 2. U R -