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9,90 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Srzss. II. Rms.4, 5. 1887, . Von auihcrizin (ha Secrefar 0 ihe Treasurz to correct cz cleri

  ;:w§3;z;wa1d of the Cgmnrissiwers   the trendy dit}:. Frame 9]** egg}?

tem hand/red and thirty-one. Resolved by the Sonata and House sg? £{c¥;scnt ativ§s rj the United In the case of States 0 America in Cbngress assemrc , at tre ecretary of the %1¤_<=¥¤ig;g£i;*t9 T;€a5m·{bg, and he nereby is authorized nnd directed, in making pay. MT:;Lmd me ment of the two last mstalments to the clmmnnts undcr the treaty with error to be wr- France of July four, eighteen hundred and Lhrrty-one, to correct 11 cleri- Y°°*¢d• cal mistake which occurred in the award of the Commissioners in me case of the claim of the Union Bank of Maryland; by which mistake the sum of ten thousand dollars awarded to said bunk, has gone to me use of all the other claimants; and that he correct such mistake by making the proper alteration in the proportion to be paid t0_ the several claimants in the sand two last instalments, so that all the claimants shall obtain their just proportion of the whole indemnity and no more. Armovun, March 3, 1837. March 8, 1837. No. 5. A Resolution authorizing fha Secretary of the Treasury lu rcccivefmm the “' Bank nf the United States, under the Pemmylvunia c/unter, payment for the stack of (hc United Slales, in the Ialc Bank of I/re United Slater:. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of thr United Th¤*¤¤‘¤¤¤ ¤! Statns of America in Congress assembled, T hm the Secretary of (he

F:;_%"Q;’:h*g° Treasury he directed to accept the terms of settlement prvpnsed by the

‘residemm»d President and Directors of the Bank of the United States, under the m¤·<¤¤¤iS ¤T*h¤ Pcnnsylvmmin charter, in their memorial 1.0 Congress, presented at the Bunk of xhe c · . , . Umwd Slmem pres.,nt session, for the payment to the United Stntcs of the cnpntnl undernhehnn. stock owned by them m the late Bank of the Unned States, and the ¤YVV¤¤i¤ CIW- finn] adjustment and settlement of the claims connected with, or arising

l;g b° °° out of the same; and to take such obligation for the payment of the
 several instuhncnts in said proposed terms of settlement mentioned,

P’°‘"“°· us he may think proper: Provided, That nothing herein contained shall prejudice or affect in any way the question, between the General Government of the United States, and the late Bunk of the United Suucs, respecting the claim For damages on account of the protest of the bill of exchange, drawn on the French Government. Approved, March 3. 1837.