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 TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3, 4 5 1337

P, Prcviso. holders of the said notes against fraud and losses P 5 . . . · d nothing herein contained shall be so construed us to hiiihtgiigihst ` Secretary of the Treasury to reissue any of said notes, but upon ih; ' t ‘s H :2; 1;: (pg} lghie said note or any of them to the Treasury, the same shan

 cfm Sec. 1,3. And be it further enacted, That it shall be, and hereby is

dmamggmy made therluty of the Secretary of the Treasury to cause a ststemgni ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,0 be to be published monthly, of the amount of all Treasury notes issued 0 p,.;,;.,;,.;.;, redeemed, in pursuance of the provisions of this act; and that rhr xgioyller power to issue Treasury notes conferred on the President of the Unireg ,2 ,,;mg,m_0n gates lay this lapt, shlall peeps and determine on the thirty-hm day gf t s lst ecem. eoem r, eng een un re and thirty-eight. W- 1898- Approved, October 12 1837


S·rnu·rs I. .. Oet.12, 1837. Can III.-dn dc! to r ‘ · ____. · cgulatc the Fees of Dzstrzct .dtl0me_ys in certain cases Be it enacted by the Senate and House R ‘ o bggéglgglzlaggs. United Sfafes of America in Congress asseq£bledf”T8lialiaiiivzlq{:`a;z;i; ol` extensaon of the time of payment of bonds given for duties on im ports, it shall be according to such directions as may be given by the No fu to M Selcgetgpytpg sh; Trefasury; apd she extension of payment of the old 3 _ aingo anew on,hallb b h ‘»

 ft23g?' subyebt to no other charge than sucli as mai-ly bh legalliiiigghiihlilgliizritiidg

ggpgzngnlegrfor t°·l*éng 2; N! orrgrnpl bond, llpon the entry of merchandise. ,,,,,,,,,,S,i{u,;,;" D, tee- And be ‘l·.I°l”"?h€" €¤¢w¢¢d,_ That no fee shall accrue to any on bonds for is act ttorney on any bond left with him for collection, or in a suit the renewal _ commenced on any bond for the renewal of which provision is made b goxrhgchpspvgg law, unless the party or parties shall neglect to apply for such renewzil hw,,m,css,&c‘ orAn;piLe)`tl;z;n Sven? days the maturity of such bond. · , c 0 er , . Srarvra I. ... ¤°'· l2• 1837- CHAP IV An dd to continue ‘ _________________ . .——— znforce certain laws to the close of the next session ¢f Uvnsms- ' All acts. &.¤. Be it enacted b . y the Senate and Hm: R·

°j:,,:’§‘,l:;° Status of America in Clongress assmhhgd, Thaiseziliaiiiiigs hgarififtdil

1 pes 25 gm acts, or provisions contained within an act wlh b h and Mmm Ms, gtgthllgi e to expire at the termination of the first session of the twenty; _ mm which shun form onggess, be, and the same are hereby, declared to continue in ppzgsupgepiorpg Shan e end of that session of Congress which shall commence, or Bu Mcimény in and th_rt;1S;o]S;o¤, on the first Monday of December, eighteen hundred sc., S 7. I· Approved, October 12 1837


Swarm: I. ... Oct, 14, 1837. Cgu V yn dd to amend G .-.·...,,. - • •'”· nact entitled “./2 tt ' 1 ofhjzm gg, g; ;?/·’ 0{8§;¥¢;0yecZ in the inilitary eqqgwuj glmprlzzggijfgiaigzz paPp,·ayTZ;I(i . .c . . · ’ Horses, 6:.4; . ~ · B z .

 sa?} .§?’“1{m..-.°d’*¥.fhF.SZ'.Z”.§.ZZ§’ZZZf.fti£dR¥£§€“Z’“”’”‘S”f“”rmi"']

,. g _, , U OY{ on éolgaaizi turned_ over to the service of the United Suites his hciisg sitidldldv hiidlds

,,%d°mc,,,’m be or equipments, by the order of the commandiri I, l , j

e e ·p¤ fer; mauding officer, shall be paid the value theme? glgiiciathor (libc.- comme; S - . _ ; H e c a ms g étgybam ylrdbeld fpyepngeiéthip tact shall he adjusted by the Third Auditdr, uriiigr ·r,.:;;:z,i:¤· stat of its rsaaZt.°’°·i·‘H€$’€§`..b’tL'$° £§°Zi1“1’ °f».lZi°"».‘"i‘*‘ ""’ , thaacttowhreh amendment, shall exteudtomules ash ll · 0 W I l i ls. is an i __un amend. th h ve as to horses. Decisions under mm, mtmend is act s all be recorded as they are required to be reco tl-d b l ‘ * to mules. —_ aforesaid, and ayment shall b ‘ · - r C Y t lc `wt This act ex- act shall extend to c h 8 make as is mqim-Bd by that ML This ases w ere any person mentioned in the act of which