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ACTS OF THE TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS or rin: UNITED STATE S, Passul at the second session, which was begun and held at the City of ¥·Vnshington, in the district of Colmubm, on Monday, the 4th day of December, 1837, and ended July 7, 1S3S. Manrm VAN Bunny, President. Rrcruno M. Jounson, Vice President of the United States, and President of the Senate. James K. Pour, Speaker of the House of Representatives. STATUTE Il. Dee. 22, 1837, CHAP. l.-An Aci to auihmize lhe Preddent at the United Slnles in cause the --—-——·--—- public vessels to cruise upon the coast in the winter season and to relic.:: dise (reared navigalurs. The president Be it enarlerl by the Senate and House of Ibepresentatives of the [Leiter] authorized m_ States of America zu. Cbngress assembled, lhat the President of the $;:;;,;il;l;“l!h° United States be, and hereby is, authorized to cause any suitable num- ,,,,0,, ,,,0 c,::;? ber of public vessels, adapted to the purpose, to cruise upon the coast, in the vi-inter for in the severe portion of the season, when the public service will allow

£_*:S;;g°23E?’;' of it, and to alford such aid to distressed navigators as their circum-

,,,,,,,_ g stances and necessities may require; and such public vessels shall go to sea prepared fully to render such assistance. Aiwnovizn, December 22, 1837. S·u·rure H. """" gpm_ ig., ;ggg_ CHAP. II.-—.d·n .0ct to ralf/'y aéul cnn_/ire;. zmfain ogficial acts of John Pope, late -·--··——:—·-·—- Uvernor 0 l` tails"-?. The icc,,,,,,,,,, Be it enarted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United &.¤..of John States of America in Czlrlgress assembled, That the locations, sales, gzmqgijmgnd and transfers of John Pope, late Governor of Arkansas, of a quantity ,,,,,.,,,,,jb,,(;,,,,_ of the public land, not exceeding ten sections, (or six thousand four gr.-sseo Arkan· hundred acres,) which was granted by Congress to Arkansas to build a

.;‘;'u; State-house at Little Rock, the seat of Government of Arkansas, to

,;,0,.,,, vas,,,,,,,, Sundry citizens of Arkansas, in pursuance of an authority vlested in him him by an aciof by an act of Congress of the fourth day of July, in the year eighteen 30};,,-1 1832. hundred and thirty-two, be, and the same are hereby, ratified and G00- A,,, o;;,,,,, 4, lirmed: Provider! said location, sales, and transfers, were in conformity 1g32,eh. 172. to legal subdivisions, be those divisions fractional quarter sections or F*`°""°· not: And provided, also, That the gross amount of acres of land thus urther pm· , m0_ located, sold, and transferred, for the purpose aforesaid, does not cxcecd SIX thousand four hundred acres; and the President of the United States is hereby authorized and directed to cause patents to issue to said purchasers, their heirs, or their legal representatives, for the late Governors several locations, sales, and transfers, whenever the applications are C _ I d_ properly made by said purchasers or their legal representatives. in §;“;,‘,},;:’S_' SHG. 2. And tt further enacted, That the northeast and s0l1tl1W€S¢ ,,,,,,;],,,.,,1 d,S_ q¤3l‘l2Bl'S of Section twenty-seven, township eighteen south, range ONG tnct.Ark¤n¤a¤, west, the southeast uarter of section twenty-eight same townshi rmd Y g x P (208)