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TWENTY-FIFTII CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 33,34,46. 1838. 215 For half-pay pensions, payable through the office of the Third Audi- For h¤lf~p¤y tor, five thousand dollars. pensions paya- Ammp, Mmh 10, rsas. g!g,;*jrg;_·-gig? , _ _ _ _ Snrvrn II. Cr-Ap. XXXIH.-—-An Jcf in change Ute limes of kalding the czrcuzt and dzslrici March I0 1838 courts of the United States in the seven!/1. circuit. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the _'l‘imésqt1h¤]d. United States of America in Congress assembled, That the circuit *%,*}:,9 °‘F°““ and district courts of the United States shall be held in the district of :2,,,-wliiflg iu Indiana, at the seat of Government in said State, on the third Mondays the districts of of May and November; ut the seat of Government in the district of I“?,"jG?·,£ll‘"°“* Illinois, on the first Mondays of June and December; in the district 82,,, QF fi"::,;;, of Michigan, at the seat of Government in said State, on the third 3. | Monday in June and the first Monday in November; and in the district z£,l;€;°`“g§;"' of Ohio, at the seat of Government m said State, on the first Monday Simi; bg mj},.,,, of July, and the third Monday in December, and all recognizanccs ablcwrhc first entered into, and all mesne and final process, which have been issued, ;‘;3LE;h’;_%°"° or which shall hereafter be issued, shall be returnable in the respective Ciycui[ juage districts to the first term, as above established: And it shall be the duty ¤h¤||_¤tw¤d one of the circuit judge, to attend one circuit court in each year, in the gT;’:"';‘;';" districts of Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan, and should any question of O,,y,,y(,,,.Qj;0n law be raised, in any ease, in the absence of the circuit judge, the ¤f|¤vyAcc.,¤h¤ district judge may, at his discretion, adjourn the cause to the succeeding 8""W term of the circuit court. cuirse. Avpitovsp, March 10, 1838. i S·rA*r¤·r¤ II. CHAP. XXXIV.——An Act to continue infarcc an act therein ntentiuatcd, relating iv M¤1‘¢h X9. l838· the purl q] ba/trmore. [Expired.] Be it enacted by the Senate- and House of Rrprescntativcs of the Uititcd States of America in Congress asscm/>[r.d, That the act passed The act passed the seventeenth day of March, in the year one thousand eight hundred, Ml'_:'°ha5 entitled "An act declaring the assent of Congress to certain acts of the so ya} ;S",l;'j,,,g, States of Maryland and Georgia," and which, by subsequent acts, has to the am of been revived and continued in force until the third day of March, one M°’YJ””dé:°"‘ thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight, be, and the same, so far as it $l;;h’"j843_ relates to the act of Maryland, is hereby revived und continued in force until the third day of March, one thousand eight hundred and forty- three. Provided, That nothing herein containedshall authorize the Proviso. demand of a duty on tonnage on vessels propelled by steam, employed in the transportation of passengers. Approved, March 19, 1838. Snwurz II. Ctur. XLVI.-An Act to reszlarc circuit jurisdiction to the district courts of the Mm-,,525, 1838, western district of Virginia. (zz) """"""" Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United S¤_m¤¤hl¤gd$d Stules of America in Congress assemlzkd, That so much of the third iii23R1Q3v, Section of the act entitled “An act supplementary to the act entitled ch_ 34,% ye. ‘An act to amend the judicial system of the United States,’ " approved pw? ¤lL¤¤£r_ March third, eighteen hundred and thirty-seven, as repeals all former ‘;';:jju,iS_ acts, or parts of acts, conferring circuit court jurisdiction on certam djpgjgn on cu. district courts therein named, be, and the same is hereby, repealed, so mm ;*¤S¤’¤¢*al far as relates to the courts of the western district of Virginia; and that gg“Eé_r°p° ` the district courts of said district exercise the same jurisdiction with pim or March which they were invested pre\‘i (a) See notes of the acts relating to the District Courts of Virginia, vol. 3, 479.