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222 TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 54. 1838. · beacons, buoys, and stakages, including the purchase of lamps, oil, keepers} salaries, repairs, improvements, and contingent expenses, three hundred and fifty-six thousand eight hundred and sixtyathree dollars; Sui-ve of the For survey of the coast of the United States, including the QQmpcn_ ¤¤¤¤t $· sation of the superintendent and assistants, ninety thousand dollars; w,,,.,;,.,,,,,, ,, For completing the public warehouse at Baltimore, twenty-five thou. B¤l*lm°¤'°· sand dollars; _ _ _ _ _ snmys in For completing surveys in Alabama, according to the provision In the Alw¤m¤· appropriation act of third March, eighteen hundred and thirty-seven, 1831, ¤h.33. twenty-five hundred dollars; _ g,,,,,,,,,,;,, For surveys in Missouri, in the towns named in the act of twenty. Missouri sixth May, eighteen hundred and twenty-four, six thousand dollars; gecpers ap dFor the hcompepsgtipn to two keepers of the public archives in Flo- ° Wssm ¤· Xl a, onethousand dollars; _ _ I UMgnisters of For salaries of ministers of thefUn1ged Sgates tp dG1}eat Britain, · · France Spain Russia and Prussia, orty— ve thousand ol ars; Seeretariesof For salaries, of the secretaries of le ation to the same places, ten L =‘ ri d a ll g °E“l°“· thousand dollars; ci, d , For salaries of the charges des affaires to Portugal, Denmark Swe. atfaiiggfs 8 den, Holland, Turkey, Belgium, Brazil, Chili, Peru, Central America, New Granada and Venezuela, and for an outfit to a. charge d’affaires to Peru, Efty-dight thousand five hundred dollars ; Drogoman, For salary of the drogoman, and for contingent expenses of the lega- &°· tion to Turkey, six thousand five hundred dollars; _ Cont. ssp. or For contingent expenses of all the missions abroad, thirty thousand missions abroad. dollars ; Consuls ¤rLon- For salaries of the cousuls of the United States at London and Paris, d°¤ ****6 Pads- four thousand dollars; Intercom-ss For expenses of intercourse with the Barbary Powers, seventeen ‘gg&’g3*b¤'Y thousand four hundred dollars; _ _ _ R°u,,,;'&_c__0f For the relief and protection of American seamen m foreign coun- Am. Seamen. tries forty thousand dollars · ,.3;*;; glzgff dogprgthe contingent expenses of foreign intercourse, fifteen thousand s . · v _ . clliipgnses in _ For clerk-hire, office-rent, stationery, and other expenses, m the office °lH°°°*`A{*?¤"· of the American consul in London, per act of nineteenth January, i°:,,§°,;2?°1é;6_ eighteen hundred and thirty-six, two thousand eight hundred dollars; chap. 2. For interpreters, guards, and other expenses incidental to the consu- &ll**°€P*?*°*'¤· lates in the Turkish domunons, five thousand five hundred dollars; l ‘°"·m·°l°°°l" For salary of the principal and two assistant librarians; pay of li"'""` l“"`“h ui i1 r r t rm l'b ry four thousand rnniniqns. e messenger an or con mcren expenses o e 1 ra L‘b*'°¤¤¤¤& two hundred dud ten dollars ;° , mgggigggif Lf' For the purchase of books for the library of Congress, five thousand brary of Con- dollars; Elgjnsm for For registers for ships and vessels and lists of crews, four thousand wga ll - it s. st. ° MS _ Sdbsrraeiofme For dompensation to a person employed in making an abstract of the l§¤¤*°¤ l¤W¤» pension laws, and in preparing the papers for Congress, under the reso- 59,;,,,.,,, m_ of lution of the House of Representatives of the ninth of October, eightreaty with teen hundred and thirty-seven, five hundred dollars; _ Sgmyutions For carrying into effect the fourth article of the treaty with Spain, 8, _, { h ’ three thousand dollars· Cripitglssdz. _ For alterations and iepairs of the Capitol, and incidental expenses, ?¤‘:¤* W: f§0¤l six thousand three hundred and thirty-one dollars; _ gh§;,°§,`;,(;.?m. For filling up the street in front of carpenter’s shop, and conducting stables, water to the public stables, five hundred and fifty dollars; lltlgllllgl For lighting lamps and superintendence of public grounds around stgxj GK5R0L the Capitol, five thousand nine hundred and seventy-six dollars; For extending Capitol square west, and improving the same south of