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TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess.II. Ch. 54. 1838. 223 the centre footway, according to the plan already in part executed, under Improving the the provisions of BH t10i of the last Congress, twenty~three thousand one C¤Pii¤l ¤il¤¤1'6· hundred and twenty-seven dollars and eighty-six cents; For attendance at the western gates of the Capitol, five hundred and Attendance at forty-seven dollars and fifty cents; western gates. For salary of the principal garden , one thousand dollars; Principal Gur- For alterations and repairs of the (f’rresident’s house, and for supep ¢i*>¤¤i‘· _ intendence of the grounds around the same, four thousand eight hun- &’°;l‘°;§",§’f§·. dred and fifteen dollars; de,,}, h,,,,,,;" For Hag footways across Pennsylvania avenue at Third, Four-and-a· &¢· halt] Sixth, Seventh, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth, Thirteenth, cgi}`? f;°'Y"y" Fourteenth, and Fifteenth streets, and across First street, east of Capi- Ate, s` umm tol square, two thousand two hundred and eighty dollars; For repairing the Marine Hospital at Charleston, South Carolina, two M¤¤'i¤€ H°*Pithousand dollars; {gp <»*¤¤¤¤¤· For the second payment to Luigi Persico, according to the contract Second pay- made with him, for a group of statues for the Capitol, four thousand ¤9¤¤¤¤> L·P¤r- dollars ; °’°°‘ For the second payment to the artists engaged in executing paintings alizis for the rotundo of the Capitol, under the joint resolution of the two ??i€°“il“B Palm- Houses, eight thousand dollars; =1if,£°’ ‘h° ’°‘ For purchasing eighty thousand pieces of parchment, and the Purchasing expense of printing the same, thirteen thousand six hundred dol- ¤¤¤i priming laps, parc ment. For the service of the General Post Office, for the year eighteen General Post hundred and thirty-eight, in conformity to the act of second July, eigh- Om°°· teen hundred and thirty-six, four million six hundred and ninety-four 1836,ch.270. thousand dollars, viz: For transportation of mails, three million four hundred thousand Transportad0llEtl'S; tion of mails. For compensation of postmasters, nine hundred and thirty-five thou- Compensation sand dollars; of ppstmastcrs. For ship, steamboat, and way-letters, thirty-one thousand dollars; ,,§,,,*}°g§§°$,,°Q§_ For wrapping paper, twenty thousand dollars; letters. _ For office furniture, six thousand dollars; WWPPIDE Pe- For advertising, twenty-five thousand dollars; pgp; p,,,,,m,,,_ For mail bags, forty thousand dollars; Advertising For blanks, thirty-six thousand dollars; gi¤¤iki>¤e¤· For mail locks and keys and stamps, nine thousand dollars; M;i°,,:,kS_&c_ For mail depredations and special agents, twelve thousand dollars; _Mnil depreda- For clerks for offices, one hundred and forty thousand dollars; ¤<>¤S¤¤dSP°°i°l For miscellaneous, forty thousand dollars. ”*`é°iQ;sf;,,_ Provided, That there shall exist in the President and in the Post- Miscellaneous. master General, the same power to transfer fimds from one to another Pr¤v¤¤<>· head of appropriation, between the appropriations above made for the service of the General Post Office, as exists in the President and any other head of an executive department to transfer funds appropriated under one head to the service of another, in any other branch of the public service. _ _ Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the money arising from the Furniture for Sale of the old furniture in the President’s house shall be applied to the Ll:;;*°¤'d°“*° purchase of new furniture for the same. ' Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the unexpended balances Unexpcnded of appropriations for compensation to the clerks in the offices of the game surveyors general of public lands be, and the same are hereby, appro- ,,;,,,,,,,,,;,0,,, priated, in addition to the sums appropriated by this act for the same ge_n’l. appropurpose. P¤¤i¤d· Approved, April 6, 1838.