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TlVENTY—FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 56. 1838. 225 advocates, members, and witnesses; extra pay to soldiers, under an act 0f Congress of the second of March, eighteen hundred and nineteen; 1819, oh.45 expenses of expresses from the frontier posts; of the necessary articles for the interment of non-commissioned officers and soldiers; hire of labourers; compensation to clerks in the offices of quartermasters and assistant quartermusters at posts where their duties cannot be performed without such aid, and to temporary agents in charge of dismantled works, and in the performance of other duties; expenditures necessary to keep the two regiments of dragoons complete, including the purchase of horses to supply the place of those which may be lost and become unfit for service, and the erection of additional stables, ninety-two thousand dollars. Fer two months’ extra pay to re-enlisted soldiers, and for the comin- Exrm p,, ,0 gent expenses of the recruiting service, twency—four thousand two hun- re-e¤1is¤e<l,¤<>l— dred and sixty-Your dollars. d1{?'*; &·€· Fer the national armories, three hundred and sixty thousand dollars. rgeguom mm. For the armament of the fortifications, one hundred thousand dollars, Armament of For the current expenses of the ordnance service, ninety-eight thou- ;l:1;°'“H°“‘ sand dollars. Onjmmcc me For arsenals, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, or so much vicethereof as may sufficc to complete the arsenals already commenced, and A”°““l‘ those on the western frontier. For the manufacture of elevating machines for barbette and casemate Elevming ma. carriages, five thousand dollars. chines, &·c. For the purchase and manufacture of light field artillery, thirty-mne Light Bald a1__ thousand nine hundred and fifty-three dollars. aillery. For the purchase of gunpowder and grape shot, thirty-seven thousand Gunpowder five hundred dollars. and sho:. For arrearages payable through the office of the Second Auditor, Arrcarage twelve hundred dollars. £2§“R`S.iE5,?°° For an-earages payable through the office of the Third Auditor, three Ammmgeg thousand dollars. payable by For taxes on the Passyunk arsenal, near Philadelphia, for the years fsu eighteen hundred and thirty-seven and eighteen hundred and thirty- passyunk ,,,8,,, eight, fourteen hundred and lilly dollars. nal. _ _ For contingencies of the army, five thousand dollars. O*g;’;‘;‘gf;\"°‘°” For paying the balance due the heirs of William Meldrum, one of *3,,1,,,,% dxfé the commissioners for surveying and marking the road from La Plai— the heirs vf sauce Bay to Chicago, two hundred and sixty-eight dollars and fifty-five M°l' cents. For paying Adam Eckfeldt, for fine gold and other expenses incurred Adam Eck. by him in preparing nine medals ordered by Congress for various dis- fcldt. for axtinguished officers, one thousand and eight dollars and eighty-six cents. }’:';;:’;;1’]ig‘é"°d Appaovmn, April 6, 1838. medals, `——`°°` ‘ Surmz II. CHAP. LVI.-An Act directing the transfer of money remaining unclaimed by April 6, 1838. certain pensioners, and authorizing the payment of the same at the Treasury of the United States. 3_ ’ ' Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of thet United A1} rrrrmey ef. States of America in Congress assembled, That all money whwlr has '°;ill];‘é*‘E:'l; bcen, or may hereafter be, transmitted to the agents for paying PBHSIOIIS, lands of an which may have remained, or may hereafter remain, in the hands of ngenrnneiairn. Said agents unclaimed by any pensioner or pensioners for the term of :f[g€£:v?;°¤ég¤ eight months after the same may have or may become due and payable, com ducjhau shall be transferred to the Treasury of the United States; and that all bg transferred pensions unclaimed as aforesaid, shall be thereafter payable only at the ¤<>$l¤ilT;;:?é;m Treasury of the United States, and out of any money not otherwise $cl:mf’°d' 6u_ appropriated. V0r.. V.——29