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'I`WEN'1`Y—FIFTII CONGRESS. Ssss.II. Ch. 169. 1838. 265 and thirty-eight, according to the importations of that year, as they A¤t<>fJ¤lyI4. would have been entitled to receive, if the act of the fourteenth of July, 1832* °l‘· 22** one thousand eight hundred and thirty-two, had gone into effect: Pro- Provisc. vided, '1`hat no officer shall receive, under this act, a greater annual salary or compensation than was paid to such officer for the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-two; and that in no case shall the compensation of any other officers, than collectors, naval officers, sur— veyors, and clerks, whether by salaries, fees, or otherwise, exceed the sum of hfteen hundred dollars each per annum; nor shall the union of any two or more of those officers in one person, entitle him to receive more than that sum per annum; Provided, further, That the said co]- Pmvjm lectors, naval officers, and surveyors, shall render an account quarterly to the Treasury, and the other officers herein named, or referred to, shall render an account quarterly to the respective collectors of the customs where they are employed, to be forwarded to the Treasury, of all the fees and emoluments whatever by them respectively received, and of all expenses incidental to their respective offices; which accounts shall be rendered on oath or affirmation, and shall be in such form, and supported by such proofs, to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury, as will, in his judgment, best enforce the provisions of this section, and show its operation and effect; Provided, also, That, in the Prqvigg, event of any act being passed by Congress at the present session to regulate and fix salafriesj or compensation of the respective officers of the customs, then this section shall operate and extend to the time such act goes into effect, and no longer: Provided, however, That the Secre— Pygvigg, tary of the Treasury be authorized to extend to the collectors at such other ports where a surplus of emoluments have been accounted for and paid into the Treasury, in the year eighteen hundred and thirty-two, the privilege granted to the collector of New York, to take effect from the first day of January last: Provided, nevertheless, That no collector proviso, shall receive more than four thousand dollars, and no naval officer shall receive more than three thousand dollars, and no surveyor shall receive more than twenty-five hundred dollars per annum. Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the sum of nine thousand compensation two hundred dollars be appropriated, out of any moneys in the Trea- ofT¤D¤Er¤i>h¤r sury not otherwise appropriated, for the compensation of a Topographer £{',;1;5°}n”P';';f and clerks employed in the Post Office Department, in conformity with Qfggg Doon, the appropriation act of March third, eighteen hundred and thirty-seven, Act of 1837, and for one additional clerk to keep an appropriation account until the °h' 3B' first of January, eighteen hundred and thirty-nine; and that the sum of _ ten thousand five hundred dollars be appropriated, out of any moneys of53E;"?::?? in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the compensation of goo o5Ao,iitoiclerks employed in the Auditor’s Office of the Treasury, for the Post of Post Office- Ofiice Department, from the first of January, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, till the first of January, eighteen hundred and thirty-nine. SBC. 5. And be it further enacted, That the following sums be, and Appropiio. the same are hereby appropriated, out of any uuappropriated money in ¢l0¤¤· the Treasury, viz. : For the Documentary History of the Revolution, the amount hereto- Documentary fore appropriated for that object and carried to the surplus fund; {,I1¤*°j`Y of Am- For the Mars Hill military road, three hundred and sixty-four dollars ]Q:‘;8"g?R‘mi_ and three cents, to enable the Treasury officers to close the account of mary mad, Charles Thomas, being part of an amount heretofore appropriated and carried to the surplus fund; To the State of Maine to reimburse the expense of said State for To mmburse allowances to Ebenezer S. Greely for his sufferings and losses, attendant the_Stme of upon his arrest and imprisonment in the jail at Frederickton, New jW°¤¤° f<>Yt¤l·;E Brunswick, in consequence of taking the census at Madawaska, and to §w(-gxés 2nd` Jolm Baker, and others, for sufferings and losses in relation to certain John Baker, Vox,. V. —— 34 X