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gy;) TWENTY·FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 171. 1833 Umm W,. water, between the'town of Beaufort and Pamlico sound, North (3am_ ssc between lina, and for improving New river, twenty-five_ thousand dollars; ¥,°¤¤,€°" and d For continuing the improvement of Pamlrco, or Tar river, below jig}, rigxun ° Washington, North Carolina, five thousand dollars; Inlandchaunsl For continuing the improvements of the mland channel between SL g;“"E°“ Sé*St_ Mary’s and St. John’s, Florida, twenty-nine thousand dollars; goigis °° For continuing the iniprovergeptp at Dog river bar, and Choctaw Pass, D _ 'verbar ° M bil harbor, fin; thousand 0 lars· ”¤'l°%l*1°°*°w mFo:· cefntinuing thd improvement of ihe Cumberland river, in Kon. pgshhrmd tncky and Tennessee, below Nashville, twenty thousand dollars; river. For continuing the improvement of the Ohio river, between the mls 0**** d"'- and Pittsburgh, fifty thousand enum; 0;,;,, md M5,. For continuing the improvement of the navigation of the Ohio and ¤i¤¤i¤1>iriv¤r¤· Mississippi rivers, nom Louisville to New Orleans, seventy thousand dollars; M;,,,;,,,;,,,,;,,,,,; For continuing the improvement of the Mississippi river, above tho Missouri rivers mouth of the Ohio, and of the Missouri river, twenty thousand dollars; Grand r;,,,, For continuing the removal of obstructions in Grand river, Ohio, ton thousand dollars · W0rkSatB“f, For continuing the works at Buffalo harbor, twenty thousand live {ale harbor, &.c. hundred dollars; and for erecting a mound or sea.—wall along the peninsula which separates Lake Erie from Buffalo creek, to prevent the influx at the lake over said peninsula, i:orty-eight thousand dollars; bflgnouth f Folr cgntmréigg the preservation of Plymouth beach, two thousand ¤ · our un re dollars; p,,,,;,,,,,,,,,,,, For continuing the preservation of Provincetown harbor, four thouhnrbor. sand five hundred dollars; Rsgmrord 5,;, h Forhcoripinéringdtlgptppplservzgign of Rainsford island, seven thousand ¤¤· tree un re an y- ree oars; B-,;,,,6,,1,,, For continuing the sea-wall for the preservation of Fairweather island, island. and repairing the breakwater near Black Rock harbor, Connecticut, eleven thousand five hundred and filly dollars; Harbor at rh, For continuing the improvement of the harbor at the mouth of Bass mouth of Bm river, Massachusetts, ten thousand dollars; ngggkwmr of For continuing the breakwater of Church’s cove, town of Little Church'; ,,,,,.,,_ Compton, Rhode island, eighteen thousand dollars; girls Egg grrr. Fog tac protection and improvement of Little Egg harbor, ten thou- · sand dollars; Entrsnces of For improving the natural channels at the northern and southern en- £:u"l`*°l SW*¤¤P trauces of the Dismal Swamp canal, ten thousand dollars; S,,.;m,,h,;_ For ppc impéoyepxent of the navigation of Savannah river, Georgia, ver. fifteen thousand o lars; v·:*k'*¤”¤ H- For the improvement of the Arkansas river, forty thousand dollars; R,,,,,,,,;,,,- or removinght e san ar occasrone yt e wree mt e ar or 0 r' F `h d-b `dbh k'hhbf und-barinNew New Bedford, e unexpended balance of an appropriation of ten thou- B°‘lf°"lh¤·*b°*'· sand dollars, made July four, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, being 1836. ch. 363. seven thousand six hundred and ninety-one dollars and thirty-seven cents. Deegening of Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the appropriation heretofore fx;;? made of ten thousand dollars, for removing the mud shoal, called the bm., 6,,;Bulkhead, in the harbor of Appalachicola, be, and the same is hereby, transferred to the deepening of the straight channel in the same harbor. _ Sec. 3. And be itgfurther enacted, That of the several sums appropri- Dispom of ated by the first section of this act, which exceed twelve thousand dol- ,,,,,,,,M,m_°l°' lars each, one half thereof, if the public service require it, shall be paid out during the year eighteen hun ed and thirty-eight, to be applied to the obreplts as laboyleeslpeciéicgt, and the other half in like manner, in the year eng teen un r an irty-nine. Approved, July 7, 1838.