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TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 172. 1838. 271 S·r.u·u·rn II. Cru?. CLXXII.—-An. det to establish certain past routes and to discontinue others. July 7, 1838. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following P¤¤¢ ¤M¤· be established as post roads: Maine.—From Unity to Thorndike. From West Eddington to East In _M¤i¤¤—-¤¤ Eddington. From Gardiner, via Light’s Corners and Searsmont, to °“l’l"h°‘l‘ Belfast. From Saco, by Goodwin’s Mills, to Alfred. From Acton corners, via Milton Mills and Union villa e, to Middleton corner, New Hampshire. From Alfred to Newfield. gFrom Eden to Bar Harbor. From Waterville, via Clinton, Troy, North Dixmont, and Hermon, to Bangor. From Dover, via Lower village, Atkinson, Win ate’s corner and Milo village, to Killmarnock. From Fish’s Mills in township number four, in the sixth range west from the east line of the State) to Mattawamkeag point. From Bangor, via South Levant, to Stetson. From Machias to Westley. From Lewiston falls, at Danville, by the river road, to Livermore falls. New Hampshire.—From Lancaster, via Whitefield and Carroll, to ll? N"' Hams White Mountain. From Colebrook, via Errol and Letter B, to Andover, m` Maine. From North Haverhill, via Woodville, West Bath, Lyman, North Lyman, West Littleton, and Lower Waterford, to Pingreville. From Peterborough, via Jaffrey, Factory villa e and Rindge, to Winchendon. From Union village, via Brookfield, North Wolfsborough, and Water village, to Tuftonborough. From Exeter, via East Kingston, South Hampton and Newtown, to Haverhill, Massachusetts. From Concord, via Bow, East Dunbarton and Centre Goffstown, to Piscataquog village. From Bedford, via Goffstown, Hopkinton, Warner, and New London, to Hanover. From Eaton, via Freedom, North Parsonfield and Limerick, to Hollis, Maine. From Kingston, via Brentwood, Epping, Nottingham, Northwood, Pittsfield, Barnstead, and Gilmanton iron works, to Guilford. From Landafl`, over Sugar hill, to Franconia. From the centre of Washington by East Washington, to the Upper village, in Hillsborough. From Pittsfield, by the store of George Nutter in Barnstead, over new Durham Bridge, by Middletown, Wakefield, Union village, Milton Mill, and Alton, to Alfred, in Maine. Verm0nt.——From Barton, via Irasburg, Coventry, and Troy, to Rich- l¤ Y¤¤¤¤¤¢— ford. From Finneyville, via Clarendon and Clarendon Springs, to °°mbh°h°d' West Rutland. From .lefl`ersonville, via Waterville and Belvidere, to Montgomery. From Wilmington to Greenfield, Massachusetts. Massachusetts.—From Adamsville, Rhode Island, via Hick’s bridge, In Massachuto Dartmouth. From Washington, via North Becket, to Middlefield. gf;:;;,°“'“' From Northborough, via Marlborough, Stow, Acton, and Chelmsford, ' to Lowell. From Norton, via Attleborough and Pawtucket, to Providence. From Barre, via Hardwick, to Ware. From Westfield, via Montgomery, Norwich bridge, and North Chester, to Worthington. From East Bridgewater, via John A. C0nant’¤ and J. W. Jenkins' stores, and East Abington, to South Weymouth. From Worcester, via Milbnry, Sutton, West Sutton, and East Douglass, to Douglass. Connecticut.-From Hebron, via Exeter meeting-house and over lwmgui Goshen hill, to Bozrahville. From West Hartland, Connecticut, to ° " ` Tolland, Massachusetts. From New Haven, via Fair Haven, North Branford, North Guilford, North Madison, North Killingsworth, Chester Hadlyme, and Salem, to Norwich. From the house of Robins Tracy, on the Colchester and Middletown turnpike, thence to the East Haddam and Colchester turnpike, by the store of H. and B. Palmer, and from thence through Mechanicsville, to East Haddam landing. New York.-From Salubria, via West Catlin and Hornby, to Painted In New York Post. From New Haven, via Port Ontario and Lindseyville, to Ellis- "°“‘l’l”l‘°d•