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TWENTY·FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 172. 1838. 281 ]l[ississippi.—From Holly springs, Marshall county, via Ripley, Tip- In Mississippi puh eounty, Jacinto, Tishamingo county, to Tuscumbia, Alabama. From "'°S“°‘bhSl"’d· Holly springs to Hernando, De Soto county. From Pontitoc, via Oxford, to Panola. From Cotfeeville, via Oakland, to Charleston, Tallahatchie county. From Brandon, via Raleigh and Garlandsville, to Quitman. From Carrollton to Douglass, on the Yazoo river. From Granada, by Preston, Oakland and Ragbourn’s to Panola. From Wyatte, in the county of Lafayette, by Chulahoma, Hancock’s, Labeau’s, and Hernando, to Memphis, Tennessee. From Ripley, in Tippah county, via Cornersville, to Oxford, Lafayette county. From Jackson, Mississippi, to Memphis, Tennessee, via Canton, Bole’s ferry, on the Big Black river, Franklin, Lexington, Carrollton, Grenada, Belmont and J efferson. From Carrollton, via Grenada to Coffeeville, Oxford, Wyatt, Chulahoma and Holly springs, to Lagrange, in Tennessee. From Jackson, via Madisonville, Doak’s old stand, Kusciusko, Greensboro, Houston, Pontotoc, and Ripley to Bolivar in Tennessee. From Fulton, in Itawamba county, via Pontotoc, Ponola, or Belmont, to Tunica court-house. From Ellisville, via Paulding, to Quitman. From Quitman to Washington courthouse, Alabama. From Columbus, by Winstonville, Somerville, Philadelphia, and Dixon, to Hillsboro. From Madisonville, by Densonville, Ludlow and Hillsboro, to Carthage. From Houston, by Grenada and Middleton to Louisville. From Pontotoc, by Red Land (Williams,,lto Houston. From Cliulahoma, by Oak Hill, and Castlehill, to Memp is, Tennessee. From Ponola court—house, by Peyton, to Helena, Arkansas. From Helena, Arkansas, by Powhattan, Coohoma county, to White river, Arkansas. From Stackville, by Lafayette and Bell Fontaine, to Greensboro. From Hardin court-house, Tennessee, by N ashobee, Jacinto and Carrollsville, to Pontotoc. From Aberdeen, by Fulton, to Jacinto. From Fulton to Russellville, Alabama. From Tuscaloosa, Alabama, by Jamestown, Brooklyn, Mount Pleasant, Mo-za·bu—sha to Hillsborough. From Greensboro, by Graysport to Grenada. From Panola court-house by Sardinia, Oakland, Preston and Troy to Grenada. From Kennedy’s store, in Clopiah county, Mississippi, by Haley’s ferry, Concord, Steen’s creek, Brandon and Densonville to Carthage, in Leoki county. From Mobile the nearest and most direct route to Winchester in Mississippi. From Columbus by Waverley or Mullin’s bluii in Lowndes county, to Colbert. From Hernando, by way of Castleville, Oak Hill and Chulahoma, to the town of Wyatt. From Manchester by Benton, Montgomery, Franklin, Lockhart’s store, Wheeling and Shengola, to Greensboro in Mississippi. From Pontotoc, via Houston to Greensboro in the State of Mississippi. From Montgomery, via Selma, Marion, Greensboro, Erie, Jones’s Bluil, and Livingston, Alabama, Marion, Decatur, Hillsboro, and Brandon, to Jackson, in Mississippi. From Panola court-house to Grenada, via Gen. John Raybourn’s, Caledonia, Yokanapatalpho, Oakland and Preston. llhssvuri.-—From Bailey’s landing, on the Mississippi, in Lincoln In Missouricounty, by Troy,Thomas Glover’s, Dutton’s, and Anders0n's, to Dan- °S"*bl‘Sh°d• ville. From Columbia to Mexico. From Carrollton to Far West. From St. Francisville to Farmington, Iowa Territory. From Richmond to Camden, thence to Liberty, Clay county, via Smith’s mills, Camden point, and Blacksnake hills, to the mouth ofNodaway river. From Martin’s, Clay county, at the falls of the Platte, to the Blacksnake hills. From Plattsburg to the Blacksnake hills. From Lexington, by Greenton, Cool spring, and Lone Jack, to Harrisonville. From Georgetown, by Rives court~house, Oceola, Henry Clem ent’s and Sarcoxie, Barry county, to Mount Pleasant, Barry court~house. FromW arrenburg, Johnson county, by Rives court·house, to Bolivar. From Meramee iron works to Jef? ferson city. From Columbia, by MountVernon, Pisgah, Palestine, Mount Carmel, and Arraton, to Georgetown. From Jonesborougli, by Salt- Vox., V.--36 Y 2