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TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11.174. 1838. 285 of the duties so paid' or secured to be paid, upon the several parcels and packages of goods so destroyed, pursuant to the provisions of this act. Sm;. 2. And be it further enacted, That the said commissioners shall Timcandplm mee; an such time and place in the city of New York, as shall be ap- ¤f_¤¤¤¤¤i¤g_¤f pointed by the Secretary of the Treasury by a notice for that purpose, :f£;;""“"' to be published in at least live of the public newspapers printed in the Nmicéofm be said city, for the period of at least ten days before the time appointed givenfor the said meeting; and, when so convened, shall proceed to take tes- Duty of the ximony in relation to the goods so destroyed, and the amount of duties °°""“i”‘°"°"· paid, or secured to be paid, to the United States thereupon, and to the persons entitled to receive or have remitted to them the amount of such duties; and shall continue the examination and investigation as constantly as their other official duties will permit, until all the claims presented to them for the remission or refunding of duties provided for by this act, which may be presented to them, shall be examined to their satisfaction; but no claim shall be received which shall not be presented within four months from and after the time appointed by the Secretary Claims mus: for the first meeting of the commissioners; and each of the said com- b? K!°s;."‘“’d missioners shall be, and is hereby, authorized to administer the neces- ;:,,;l`,;°°r sary oaths to all persons who arc to give tcstimony in the premises; and Commissionall the testimony presented to or taken before the said commission, shall °”* °mP‘?“’°‘°d be committed to writin and sirmcd b the res ective witness s ivin` to admmlmr gv a y P E g g mths. the same; and any wilful false swearing before the said commission, or Tcstimqny to in any alfidavit or deposition taken before any one of the said commis- l’° 99m‘““'~°d'° sinners, shall subject the person guilty of the offence, upon conviction Wl5g;;?;}, yo,. before any court of competent jurisdiction, to the punishment prescribed false swearing. by the laws of the United States for wilful perjury. Sec. 3. And be it further enucxed, That, as soon as the said commis- Commissaon. sinners shall have finally closed the taking of testimony in relation to ers to m¤k¤¤ any one or more claims, they shall cause to be made se full and perfect ;‘;}l;;?;i';‘f;;°ti statement of the goods, wares, and mcrchandiscs proved in said claim gw0n_ or claims, to their satisfaction, to have been destroyed at the conilagration aforesaid, in the unbroken and original packages in which the same were imported, designating in such statement the number of packages, the rate and amount of duty upon cach, and 'the name of the person or persons entitled to receive or have remitted to him or them the duties paid, or secured to be paid, upon each package, and the fact whether such duty has been paid or rcmuins unpaid and secured in the ordinary manner, and shall ascertain and report whether any and what part of the merchandise so destroyed was insured or sold, what proportion of the insurance has been p:1id, or is secured to be paid in consequence of its destruction by the conflagrution aforesaid, and shall deduct hom the certificate to be granted under the provisions of this act, the amount paid on such insurance and the amount of duties paid on the goods sol-]. And the said commissioners shall cause three fair copies of such state- Three cum, ment to be made and certified by themselves to be the true and correct vfmid sumresults of their investigations, one of which copies they shall file with ;Lg°cmi the collector of the customs for the port of New York, another with the ged by the wm. naval officer of the said port, and the third together with the testimony mis¤i0n¤r¤· taken before the said commission they shall transmit to the Secretary of the Treasury, to be by him kept on file in his Department. S20. 4. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the Se<>. Tre¤¤. m Secretary of the Treasury, with as little delay as practicable, to cx- €¤¤¤¤¤?'h¤*¤¤· amine the testimony taken before the said commission, from time to J3]"; time, as the same shall be returned to him, to compare the same with and signify Hip the §aid statement and adjudications of the said commissioners, and tc :PP;g;:ll gi! 35; mgmfy to them his approval or disapproval of them dctcrmnnatmn as to dgfermhmon each claim; and as soon as the determination of the Secretary shall be ofrhe ccmmig.