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TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 180. 1838. 291 For placing three or more buoys at the entrance of Onancock creek, 0¤¤¤°°<=k ¤*¤¤k· in the county of Accomac, three hundred dollars. State of North Car0lina.—For marking, staking out, and placing North Carolina. buoys or other such monuments as are most suitable to designate the 'i’,*°"**°,_;‘,f,;’““d· channels in Crowatan sound, and at the outlets of Pasquotank, Little Lialgtmand 'Psi-. and Perquimans rivers, one thousand dollars. <l¤i¤¤¤¤¤ ¤iV~‘=¤¤· For the construction of a new light-boat in lieu of that now stationed W°·d°’¤ P°i¤*· off Wade’s point, eight thousand dollars. For a light-house on Pea island or Boddy’s island as the Secretary Pea island ciof the Treasury shall deem to be most for the public interest, live B°‘mY'“ i'l‘“‘d· thousand dollars. For three buoys or such marks, designating Chickama-comico chan- Chickama-cm nel in Hyde county, as shall be found most suitable for that purpose, ”‘l°° °l‘““‘°l· one hundred and fifty dollars. For placing buoys at the mouth of Shnllote river. Shallote river, five hundred dollars. State of O/Liv.-—For securing or rebuilding on a better site, the Ohio. _ light-house on Turtle` island, at the entrance of Maumee bay, in Lake T“"I‘* ‘“l‘"‘d· Erie, six thousand seven hundred dollars. For completing a beacon-light near the entrance of Sandusky bay, $¤¤d¤=l¢7 b3}'- three thousand dollars, in addition to the sum heretofore appropriated for that purpose. For the construction of a light-house on the northwest end of Bass B¤¤¤i¤l¤·¤d- island, commonly called Put·in-bay, in Lake Erie, instead of one on Cunningham’s island, three thousand dollars. For placing buoys on a shoal or sunken island, near the western Sister island. Sister island, and to the southward thereof, in Lake Erie, five hundred and fifty dollars. State of Georgia.——For constructing a iloating-light, to be stationed Georgia in Tybee channel, ten thousand dollars, in lieu of an appropriation of T’l’°° °l'“'“’°l that sum heretofore made for a similar light on Martin’s Industry shoal. For placing three buoys at the entrance of St. Andrew’s inlet, five _St. Andrews hundred and forty dollars. “’l°*· For placing beacons or buoys at the entrance of Brunswick harbor, Brunswick the sum of one thousand dollars. l“”'l’°'· State of Alabama.—For the construction of a light-house on Dau- A;,,b,m_ phin island, eight thousand dollars. D¤¤phi¤ i¤l State of Louisiana.—For marking the entrance and the channel of Louisiana. Atchafalaya bay, one thousand five hundred dollars. b€*°l*°m“Y¤ For rebuilding the light-house at the southwest pass of the Missis- iiggjgsippi ,_ sippi river, twenty thousand dollars. For completing a light-house at or near the southwest pass on the Vermilion bay. Vermilion bay, eight thousand dollars, in addition to the sum heretofore appropriated. State of l|Hahigan.—For rebuilding a light—house on Bois Blanc Michigan. _ island, if a suitable site for the same can be found on said island, five B°” l“° "L thousand dollars. For erecting a light-house at New Buffalo, on Lake Michigan, live New B¤¤'¤!¤· thousand dollars. . For erecting a light-house on South Manitou island, Lake Michigan, {Gush M¤¤i¢¤¤ five thousand dollars. is an ' For erecting a light-house on the ledge or reef near Wagooshance, vpedgs pea: in the Straits of Michillimackinac, twenty-five thousand dollars. °g°°' in"' For erecting a light-house at Presque isle, Lake Huron, five thou— P*°S*1“° **1*- sand dollars. For erecting a lighthouse on Point aux Barques, Sagana bay, Lake Point anx Huron, five thousand dollars. n B"q'{°" Territory of Wisczmsin.-—For the construction of a light-house on vg`,;'£;°;‘g’L°l` Grassy island, at the head of Green bay, near the mouth of Fox river, G,,,,,y i,.,h,,d_ four thousand dollars. Territory af Flm·irla.——For placing buoys at the mouth of St. Fifzrnigscry ol` ·l0lm’s, in addition to the appropriation heretofore made for the pur- SL Mlm,,, nose. eight hundred and fifty dollars