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294 TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. S¤ss.II. Ch. 181. 1838, ,,1,,,],,,,, ,·,,, priations are made in this act for the erection of new light-houses, 0,. which appropri- new light-boats to be established at places not before authorized by law gyg¤;h;i gpg; an such places shall first be carefully examined, and the most Suitablé ,,,,,* d, gw_ site selected- and the persons making the surveys for proposed k me in the last pfeceding section of this act, shall report to the Secret;-gm? thi 'lllpeasurgllupont Whiph of said sites, lfkally, the gaifletyof npivigatiou an e pu l0 m eres s require e wor propose or 1t, an al plan and estimate in detail of the expense of each work so requigdda including the necessary buildings to be connected therewith. And ii shall be the duty of aid Secretary to communicate the reports thus made to Corzgrgsslwithin the iipst wgek of the session thereof in Decem. Sec. Treas. to ber next. n tie expense 0 said surveys is hereby authorized t b g,.°>;*;j8°*:P°,*;*;_° paid by the Secretary of the Treasury out of any money in the Tile; y ’ sury not otherwise appropriated, the same having been first adjusted and allowed by the Secremry of the Treasury. . Sec. 6. And be it urtlter enacted That the Secretary of the T - ,g’ S;:g:€Fn_ sury be, and hereby is, authorized to,discoutinue at his discretionitelile ucd, scc. old light-houses at Oswego, Dunkirk and Cleveland, and cause the sites belongéng to the United States of the old light·houses at Cleveland, on Lake rie and at Buffalo in the State of New York to be sold for such pricdg, rcispecpively, ds hp shall deem the same th be worth, and the procee s o suc sa es to e paid into the Treasury. App,,,,,,;,,;,,,, Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That the sum of two thousand fortwo addi- dollars be, and hereby is, appropriated to enable the Secretary of the “°“"‘l °l°"k’· Treasury to employ two additional clerks in the Fifth Auditor’s office. Appmpximw Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That the sum of fifteen hundred fcptgxaniimtion dollars be and is hereby appropriated, to enable the Secretary of the gwés: fgfhigj Navy to cause such a special examination of the coast between the giggipni gud S,. mouths of the Mississippi and Sabine rivers, and the intermediate harbms nvm. bors, bays, and bayous as may be necessary to fix suitable locations for light-houses and other érplprovements, which may give a more safe and ready access to the said arbors bays bayous and rivers. Approved, July 7, 1838. i , , Sururs II. .,,__,__ ·l¤lY 7» 1838· Can. CLXXXI.—.»9n Act to establish a new judicial district in the Territory cf Florida. (a) _ _ _ be it enacted by the Senate and House ¢y" Representatives of the dNeyv_|udlctal United States of America m Congress assembled, That all the terri- ’°°"°l‘ tory included within the present boundaries of the counties of Franklin, Washington, and Jackson, in the Territory of Florida, shall constitute a new judicial district, to be called the Appalachicola district, the judge of which shall reside at the town of Appalachicola, or at the town of St. Joseph’s, in said district. Judgo,&c. to Sec.2. And be it further enacted That a judge marshal and disbglalsggixlgg- trict attorney shall be appointed in shid district, having the siune juriswwm, &,c_’ diction, powers, duties, and liabilities, in all respects, as are now possessed by the judges of the superior courts, respectively, in the Territory of Florida, and the said marshal is hereby required to give the same plondsdtléat other dmzgshipls are required to give under the laws of the nite tates an the erritory of Florida, to be approved of and recorded as now directed by law. Tim. of hold- Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the said courts shall be ¥¤IgI_gg¤:¢¤·l holden at the times and places now established by law in said district, dy ,m°:°§_° '"' until changed by the Legislative Council of said Territory; and all process, executed by and returnable to said courts as a part of the district of West Florida, as heretofore organized, shall be as effectual in law as if the said district had not been changed; and it shall be the duty of

(a) See notes of the acts relating to Florida, vol. 3, 654.