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TWEN TY-FIF TH CONGRESS. Sess. I1. Ch. 186. 1838. 299 For the Winnebagoes, thirty-seven thousand eight hundred and sixty Winnebugoes. dollars ; For the Menomonies, thirty-two thousand six hundred and fifty dol- Menomonie; lars ; Chippewu of For the Chippewas of Swan creek and Black river, one thousand S"°¤ °¥°°l$ ¤“d dollars; Bépk river. f For the Chippewas of Saginaw, six thousand five hundred dollars; S 0 For the Chippewas, Menomonies, Winnebagoes and New York In- €hlPP¤“’9¤· dians, fifteen hundred dollars; Tgg¤<>m<>¤¤¤¤· For the Sioux of the Mississippi, seven thousand seven hundred and Sioux of the sixty dollars; Mississippi. For the Yancton and Santie Sioux, four thousand three hundred and Swfftlfgtglzzgd forty dollars; ' For the Ornahas, three thousand nine hundred and forty dollars; Omahss. For the Sacs and Foxes of the Missouri, four thousand seven hundred SMS ml F°¤· dollars ; ;gu‘:_{.th" M’S' For the Iowas, eight thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars; Iowiis. For the Sacs and Foxes of the Mississippi, forty-one thousand nine S°°“ md F'? hundred and twenty dollars; :,5 ‘;€‘h° M‘"‘“' For the Sacs, Foxes, Sioux, Iowas, Omahas and Ottoes and Missou- dues, Foxes, rias, three thousand dollars; Sioux, Iowas. For the Ottoes and Missourias, five thousand six hundred and forty Sggtoes and dollars ; Missourias. For the Kanzas, six thousand and forty dollars; K¤¤¤¤¤· For the Osages, seventeen thousand and forty dollars; I%;°§:;;0s For the Kickapoos, five thousand five hundred dollars; Kaskaskiug For the Kaskaskias and Peorias, three thousand dollars; and Peorias. For the Piankeshaws, eight hundred dollars; Pl¤¤k°Sh¤W¤- For the Weas, three thousand dollars; W°¤¤· For the Delawares, eight thousand one hundred and forty dollars; D°l¤W¤’°¤· For the Shawnees, seven thousand one hundred and eighty dollars; Shawnees. For the Senecas and Shawnees, two thousand two hundred and forty s§;’:`f:::“d dollars; For the Senecas, two thousand six hundred and sixty dollars; Seneoas. For the Choctaws, seventy-two thousand six hundred and twenty-five Choctnws. dollars; For the Chickasaws, six thousand dollars; Chiokssaws. For the Creeks, four hundred and thirteen thousand nine hundred C*°°k°· · and forty dollars; For the Quapaws, four thousand six hundred and sixty dollars; Quapsws. For the Florida Indians, two hundred and eighty thousand six hun- Florida Indidred and ten dollars; '”°‘ For the Pawnees, twelve thousand dollars; pawns6s_ For the Cherokees, fifteen thousand one hundred and forty dollars; Cherokm.d For the Ottawas and Chippewas, sixty-five thousand four hundred C<g;,;;g;,;¤ and sixty-five dollars; For the Caddoes, ten thousand dollars; Caddoes. For various miscellaneous expenses, viz. : M”f>°u°'§°°“’· For completing payments for subscription to “Indian Biography," £¤d1¤¤B¤°E¥¤· three thousand dollars; P y' _ _ For expenses of casting dies and striking off medals for Indians, two &?¤¤¤¤8 d¤°¤» thousand five hundred dollars; °‘ For expenses of mission of A. P. Chouteau among the wild tribes of Mission to the the Southwest, including his outfit, and the expenditures growing out g¤b*;;:'Q:*°&c of and connected with bringing on deputations of said tribes, which he °° ’ ' has been authorized to do, twenty thousand dollars; _ For deficiency in the appropriation of eighteen hundred and thirty- bBt;¥;¤<¥*;{°]*“° four for running the boundary line between the Choctaws and Chicken- Czcctgws and saws, onc thousand and eighty-five dollars; Chickasaws.