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306 TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 192. 1838. not exceed two hundred tons, to provide and to carry with the said boat or vessel, upon each and every voyage, two long-boats or yawls, each of which shall be competent to curry at least twenty persons; and where the tonnage of said vessel shall exceed two hundred tons, it shall be the duty of the owner and master to provide and carry, as aforesaid, not less than three long-boats or yew1s, of the same or larger dimensions; and for every failure in these particulars, the said master and owner Penalty. shall forfeit aud pay three hundred dollars. vessels at w, Sm, 9. And be it furtlzmj enacted, That it shall be the duty of the or on the lakes muster and owner of every steam vessel employed on either of the lakes °*`°’°¤°?d '°h°°'· mentioned in the last section, or on the sea, to provide, as a part of the fil,';};;?,:, 3:2 necessary furniture, a suction-hose and fire engine and hose suitable go mm md, O, be worked on said boat in case of fire, and carry the same upon each chains to be and every voyage, in good order; and that iron rods or chains shall be

}:,3* i¤¤**:€]<}é°f employed and used in the navigating of all steamboats, instead of wheel

,0 §_°r r or tiller ropes; and for a failure to do which, they, and each of them, lygnulty. shall forfeit and pay the sum of three hundred dollars. Signalli hm}, Sec. 10. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the be carriedby master and owner of every steamboat, running between sunset and sun-

€jj;l;tfP¤¤mg rise, mearry one or more signal lights, that may be seen by other boats

pc,,,,l,y_ navigating the same yvaters, under the penalty of two hundred dollars, Hmm smb Sec. 11. And be zt further enacted, That the penalties imposed by ties shall be re- this act may be sued for and recovered m the name of the United States, <=¤V¤1'¢d- in the district or circuit court of such district or circuit where the odence shall have been committed, or forfeiture incurred, or in which the owner or master of said vessel may reside, one—ha1f to the u e of the informer, and the other to the use of the United States; or the said penalty may be prosecuted for by indictment in either of the said courts. Anir person Sec. 12. And be it further enacted, That every captain, engineer,

;¤in pilot, or other person employed on board of any steamboat or vessel

wmchm-B or propelled in whole or in part by steam, by whose misconduct, neglilives are lost by gence, or inattention to his or their respective duties, the life or lives

  • m¤§g°¤»i$¤·¢· of any person or persons on board said vessel may be destroyed, shall

ofmmslgfgf be deemed guilty of manslaughter, and, upon conviction thereof before ser. _ any circuit court in the Unite States, shall be sentenced to confinement P“m°l“¤°¤*· at bard labor for a period not more than ten years. wh,,,,;,,]; be Sec. 13. And be it further enacted, That in all suits and actions aufticiem evi- against proprietors of steamboats, for injuries arising to person or progf:'3;,!:nf,l;';B° party from the bursting of the boiler of any steamboat, or the collapse in W., of u,,' of a. Hue, or other injurious escape of steam, the fact of such bursting, bursting of a collapse, or injurious escape of steam, shall be taken as thl] prima. facie b°‘l°"· &°· evidence, sufficient to charge the defendant or those in his employment, with negligence, until he shall show that no negligence has been committed by him grlthose in his employment. movno, u y 7, 1838. Srnurr II. July 7, 1838- Gun-. CXCII.-—An Act to csfablisga cz-igzinal court in the District of O0lumuz. a t33Q2g'?: {fe it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Dim-tee of Co· United States of ldmerica in Congress assembled, That from and after {$*3**3 the passage of this law, a court shall be established in the District of To be Wm_ ° Qolumbxe, for the trial of all crimes and offences against the laws now pom ar one m force in the said District, and such as may be hereafter enaoted,t0 be gdizi Syd _ composed of one judge, to be appointed by the President of the United mfnal cc:,?:}- States, by and with the consent of the Senate, and to receive, as com- 20’(? gloxgosvimcnd "An act to establish n criminal court in the District of Columbia ;" F ebrlmfy