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310 TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess.II. Rus. 1,2, 4,5. 1838. lars be appropriated for that purpose out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. Approved, July 9, 1838. RESOLUTIONS. No.1. Joint Resoluti authorizin the Commissioner 0 the Public Buildin s to

 cause the reinndval of the wills of the Me Post (-dice Building. g

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United The walls of States ¢g'Ameriea in Congress assembled, That the Commissioner of the g‘§i;’Q‘L£{j? Public uildings be, and he hereby is, authorized and directed to cause “,b,,,,k,,,mg the walls of the late Post Office building to be taken down, and the down, Sw. materials secured for use in the construction of any of the public buildings authorized by law, and to which they may be advantageously Expensos,how applied; and to defray the expenses of the work, he be authorized to Pm- apply any unéxpended balances of appropriations in his hands, but not exceeding in amount the sum of five hundred dollars. APPROVED, March 19, 1838. ADYH4. 1838- No.2. .1 Resolution to authorize the Secretary of War to purchase a site for a """"""' fort at or near the western boundary of Jirlcansas. Resolved by the Senate and House? of Representatives of the United Ap ,0,,,.,,,,;,,,, States of America in Congress assembled, That out of the appropriafortlie purchase tion of fifty thousand dollarsymade in the year eighteen hundred and pf ¤¤¤° {°¤'¤ thirty-six, to remove the United States troops from Fort Gibson, the 2236 eh_ 6s_ Secretary of War be authorized and directed to take a sum not exceed- ' ing fifteen thousand dollars to purchase for the United States a. site for a fort at or near the western boundary of Arkansas. Approved, April 4, 1838. May 31, 1838. N0. 4. J Resolution relating to the public revenue and dues to the Government. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United ‘ No difference States of America in Congress assembled, That it shall not be lawful for

’”::n‘:‘,f‘g3ig.:;_ the Secretary of the Treasury to make or to continue in force, any

.,mb,,,,,,c;,,,, of general order, which shall create any difference between the different the revenue. as branches of revenue, as to the money or medium of payment, in which

c‘:?“°Y °f debts or dues, accruing to the United States, may be paid.

` Approved, May 31, 1838. June 12, 1838. N0. 5. .8Resalutian to dis ove and dis mn an act o the 'slatioe Council o """—"······· the Vmiomn Tenifo-gy charteringfa ba-Eshcgz f Resolved by the Senate and House if Representatives of the United Goo ress dis. States of America in Congress assembled, That Congress do, hereby, MM !§¤¤¤» dh- dissent from, disapprove, and disaflirm the act of the Legislative Coun- 3l’£‘;;f[; mgdw cil of Wisconsin, entitled "An act to incorporate the stockholders of of the Legislm the State Bank of Wisconsin at Prairie du Chien," a copy of which said W9 C¤¤P¤U_¤f act has, during the present session of Congress, been presented for its co;;:;:;';:" action, and for confirmation or disapproval; and the said act of the Suite Bong er Legislative Council of the said Territory is hereby declared to be null Wl¤¤¤¤¤m- and void, and to have no force or effect whatsoever as a law of the said erritor . Apmdvnn, June 12, 1838.