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324 TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 71. 1839, expenses of the Indian department, fulfilling treaty stipulations with the various Indian tribes, and contingent expenses; to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated: For the current and contingent expenses of the Indian department, viz. : _Pay ofsupep For the pay of the superintendent of ‘ Indian affairs at St. Louis, and

  • 2;*;%:*** “' the several Indian agents, as provided by the acts of June thirtieth,

183,,, Lh_ 16g_ eighteen hundred and thirty-four, and of March third, eighteen hundred 1837, eh_ 3i_ and thirty-seven, sixteen thousand five hundred dollars; Subqgggpt , For pay of ub-agents, authorized by the act of June thirtieth, eighteen 1834, ch. 162. hundred and thirty—four, thirteen thousand dollars; Interpreters. For the pay of interpreters, as authorized by the same act, nine thousand three hundred dollars; Presentswln. For presents to Indians authorized by the same act, five thousand mans- dollars ; provision, {0, For the purchase of provisions for Indians at the distribution of Indians- annuities, while on visits of business with the superintendents and agents and when assembled on public business eleven thousand eight hundred dollars; ’ gzuildings at For the necessary buildings required at the several agencies, and rei ° “gB"°l°°‘ pairs thereof, ten thousand dollars; Elipenses of For posts. es, rents, stationery, fuel for offices, and other contingen- I"d’““ d°P’f· cies of the dndian department, and for transportation and incidental expenses, thirty-six thousand five hundred dollars; _Clerktosuper· For the salary of one clerk in the office of the superintendent of L'}};;,? I“d“"‘ Indian afiairs, south of the Missouri river, one thousand dollars; S.. For carrying into effect the stipulations of certain Indian treaties 1xNutions0l` d h I d h .h . _ ’ New Yom an the laws connecte therewit , viz. . NSenegas of For the Six Nations of New York, four thousand five hundred dolew or . hrs; 9d2x32u_ For the Senecas of New York, six thousand dollars; MWyundms,d ger the Ottawas, four thousand three hundred dollars; “"*°°"“ or the Wyandots six thousand eight hundred and forty dollars· D(€m¥iil:s'h_ For the Wyandots; Munsees, and Delawares, one thousand dollais; diana. _ For the Christian Indians, four hundred dollars; gggxm gor the Miamies, forty thousand one hundred and ten dollars; p,,,,,,,,,,,,,' or the Eel Rivers one thousand one hundred dollars · miss. _ For the Pottawatarriies, twenty thousand two hundred dollars; 0¥g;Lf:’;l°m‘“° For the Pottawatamies of Huron, four hundred dollars; p°,,,,w¤,,,,,,;8, For the Pottawatamies of the Prairie, sixteen thousand dollars; ogthe Pramg. For the Pottawatamies of the Wabash, twenty thousand dollars; °f?l:L“6'@;’;)‘:;fi got the Pottawatamies of Indiana, seventeen thousand dollars; p0m,wmm;8,, or the Chippewas, Ottawas, and Pottawatarmes, thirty-four thousand orb Indiana. two hundred and ninety dollars; (gtgfllzgfgflh doxpr the Winnebagoes, ninety-two thousand eight hundred and sixty ottuwatamies. S ' @::3%;:;. lagpr ,the Menomonies, thirty-two thousand six hundred and fifty doli e . {hg ;;iil;Si;;;,g;_ For the Chippewas of the Mississippi, thirty-five thousand dollars; SClnppewas of For the Chnppcwas of Saginaw, five thousand eight hundred dollars; gff:i;"§;mS _For the Chippewas, Menomonies, Winnebagoes, and New York In- Mommomg, dians, fifteen hundred dollars; &.q. For the Sroux_of the Mississi i, fort -two thousand five hundred and S PP Y Mifm'?:,§{)Qh° ten dollars; 3;,,,.,,.,,,; and For the Yancton and Santie Sioux, four thousand three hundred and Sg)ntiehSioux. fo1'iZy d0ll3.rS; Sa'; ,1*;*; F 0 x_ For the Omahas, three thousand nine hundred and forty dollars; eg or ghe Mis- drlgn tge Sacs a(pdlFoxes of the Missouri, twelve thousand five hunsourr. e an seventy dollars;