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336 TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess.IlI. Ch.80. 1839. pursuant to this act, for carrying the same into effect; and, also the forms contained therein of the schedule to be returned, and such dther forms as may be necessary in carrying this act into execution, and pro-

gocpplrpxtépgisristctcd by the S€VCI'8l PBISOHS to be emron.

whe,.6,,c,,,m, Sec. 9. And be it further enacted That in those States com ‘ lrisin two dis- two districts, where a art of a cotlnt mh be in each disposing ,,. , 6,, P Y Y trrct, such ’° St °· county shall be considered as belonging to that district in which the court-house of said county may be situate. Fm;,,, wm, Sec. l0. And be it further enacted, That, in all cases where the pensauon. superficial content of any county or parish shall exceed twenty miles square, and the number of inhabitants m said parish or county shall not exceed three thousand, the marshals or assistants shall be allowed, with _ the approbation of the judges of the respective districts or territories Proviso. such further compensation as shall be deemed reasonable: Provided, The same does not exceed four dollars for every fifty persons by them returned; and when any such county or parish shall exceed forty miles square, and the number of inhabitants in the same shall not exceed three thousapid, a like allowance shall be made, not to exceed six dollars for every y persons so returned. Sec. 11. And be it further enact d Th t h h af ` Agg,,,,g,m,° _ _ e , a w ent e oresard enumeb,, p,.,,,,,,d_ ration shall be completed and returned to the office of the Secretar of State by the marshals of the States and Territories, he shall direc! the printers to Congress to print, for the use of Congress, ten thousand Pmvim ctrpigs pIfhtl;e_iaggregate peyurns received from the marshals: And pravz e _, _ a 1 any mars a , in any district within the United States or Territories, shall, directly or indirectly, ask, demand, or receive, or contract to receive, of any assistants to be appointed by him under this act, apy fge, Tward,hor(pompensation, for the appointment of such assis an o isc arge the uties required of such assistant under this act or shall retain from such assistant any portion of the com, _ _ pensation allowed to theassistant by this act, the said marshal shall be deemed Penalty guilty of a misdemeanor in office, and shall forfeit and pay the amount ’ five hundred dollars for egrch offence, to be recovered by suit or inrc men. in any circuit or istrict court of the United States or the Territories thereof one half to the use of the Government, and the otheryihalf po tthelinformsy End all contracts which may be made in viola on o t is aw, s void and all sums of mone r r t paid, may be_recovered back by the party paying the same? ih ahyoiidhrl having jurisdiction of the same. ullgdcmléulggo be Sec. 12. And be it further enacted, That there shall be allowed and pcm 9 incur- paid to thepmarshals of the several States, Territories, and the District md, gp of Columbia, the amount of postage by them respectively paid on letters relating to their duties under this act. A census of Sec. I3. And be it further enacted That the aforesaid marshals and p·f:$¤§¤\:•¢¤M their assistants shall also take a census of all persons receiving pensions from the United States for revolutionary or military services, stating their names and ages: and also shall collect and return in statistical tiaiblgii undpr pqoper pearls, accprding to such forms as shall be furnish- , suc in orma ion in re ation to mines, agriculture commerce mgnufactures, and schools, as will exhibit a full view of the pursuits; pn uitry, education and resources of the country, as shall be directed Form, Gm to y the President of the United States. And it shall be the duty of the ga ,,,,,,,,,8d by Secyetary of State, under the direction of the President, to prepare ec. ofSta1e. suc forms, regulations, and instructions, as shall be necessary and pro- A ‘ I per to comply with the provisions of this act. a E - PPNPU ¤°¤· S c. 14. And be at jirrtfuzr enacted, That the sum of twenty thou-