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TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 94. 1839. 361 For preservation of Castle island, and repairs of Fort Independence, Castle island at Boston, twenty-five thousand dollars;and Fort Inde- For Fort Warren, at Boston, forty thousand dollars; l’f,.“"f’;f,$· For Fort Adams, at Newport, ten thousand dollars; Fdit Addis: For the fort at New London harbor, five thousand dollars; New L¤¤d¤¤ For Fort Schuyler, at New York, ten thousand dollars; hglgigch I For repairs of Castle William and Fort Columbus, and officers’ Castle Vlllil-an quarters, at New York, two thousand dollars; lim. &c. at For Fort Delaware, ten thousand dollars. Provided, That no part I`;§‘,wD¥,‘f£°,;,,, of this appropriation shall be applied till the title of the said fortifica-l tion shall be decided to be in the United States. For Fort Monroe, ten thousand dollars; Fort Monroe. For Fort Calhoun, fifteen thousand dollars; Fort Calhoun. For Fort Caswell, five thousand dollars; Fon gg8W6u_ For fortification in Charleston, South Carolina, and for the preserve- Forlitioation tion of the site of Fort Moultrie, ten thousand dollars. ¤¤ Ch¤¥l¤¤¢<>]¤· For Fort Pulaski, at Savannah, fifteen thousand dollars. For Fort Marion and sea~wall at St. Augustine, ten thousand dollars. Fore Marion: For fort on Foster’s Bank, Pensacola, five thousand dollars. FW °¤ FM- For contingencies of fortifications, ten thousand dollars. "ffo:,l’:;;°,;°,°, For incidental expenses attending the repairs of fortifications, and for Incidental on-- the purchase of additional land in the neighbourhood, fifty thousand D¤¤¤¤¤» &·<>· dollars; For the fort at Grande Terre, being the amount of a former appro- Fe. nt Grande priation carried to the surplus fund, fifteen thousand dollars; '·l`m¤· For the preservation and repair of Fort Niagara, thirty thousand dol- Fort Niagara. lars; For repairing and rebuilding the old fort at Oswego, including the Fort at Osweconstruction of the necessary barracks, twenty thousand dollars; S°· For barracks and other buildings at Sackett’s Harbor, ten thousand Secketvs Hnrdollars; b°’· For barracks and other buildings at Plattsburg, twenty thousand dol- Pl¤¢¢¤burglars; For the construction of barracks, quarters, store-houses, hospitals and Western from stable, and the necessary defences of the posts it may be deemed pro- d°’• per to establish for the better protection of the Western frontier, eighty thousand dollars. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the following sums be, and Military Acathe same are hereby, appropriated, to be paid out of any money in the d°’“Y· Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the support of the Military Academy for the year one thousand eight hundre and thirty-nine, viz: For pay of officer , cadets, and musicians, fifty-nine thousand two PW- hundred and twenty-eight dollars; For subsistence of officers and cadets, forty thousand and four dol- Subsistence lars; For forage of officers’ horses, three thousand nine hundred and thirty- Forge of onisix dollars; °°r° °"°°' For clothing of officers' servants, three hundred and ninety dol- Hclvrjning ofef Iam; I oem For defraying the expenses of the board of visitors at West Pomt, Btmd 0fVi¤1¢· two thousand dollars; °"' For fuel, forage, stationery, printing, transportation, and postage, Fuel, Goc. twelve thousand five hundred and eighty-one dollars and forty-Eve cents; i For repairs, improvements, and expenses of buildings, grounds, roads, Repmm &¤c. wharves, boats, and fences, seven thousand two hundred and twenty-one dollars and sixty cents; _ Ad,umm,Hm, For pay of adyutant’s and quartermaster’s clerks, nine hundred and um;‘mm“m,,, fifty dollars; dlorks. For increase and expenses of the library, one thousand dollars; Library. Von. V.-46 2 F