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6 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch.42,43. 1838. Surura I.b me _ ih _£ N March 19, ]836_ Grin. XLII.-An Act for the rclzdpér ngujaws y jire m cz y of cw [m’s°l“"‘] - B it enactedbe the Senate and House if Representatives of the United s,liisi>,eif Statjs of Americd in Congress assembled, That the collector of the port 47- of New York, be and he is hereby, authonzed, as he may deem best , T$m,~°§p°§; calculated to secure the interest of the United States, to cause to be 3i2nd2d whhre extended (with the assent of the sureties thereon) to all persons who §;°P°¤Y hm have suffered loss of property by the coniiagration at that place, on the °"l°St‘ sixteenth day of December last, by the burning of their buildings or merchandise, the time of payment of all bonds heretofore given by them for duties, to periods not exceeding three, four, and five years m equd instalments from and after the day of payment specified in the bonds; or to allow the said bonds to be cancelled, upon giving tfo the said- cplllectos new bonds with one or more sureties to the satis action 0 the sai collector, for the sums of the former’b0nds, respectively, payable in egual instalmentsairé thrcézle, tpura and give ypars, from and laftgr thefday o payment speci e in e on s 0 e a err up or canoe e as a oresaid; and the said collector is hereby authorized and directed to give up, or cancel all such bonds upon the receipt of others described in this section; which last mentioned bonds shall be proceeded with, in all respects, like other bonds which are taken by collectors for duties to Proviso. the United States and shaH have the same force and validity: Provided That those who sire within the provision of this section, but who may have paid their bonds subsequent to the late fire, shall also be entitled to the benefit of this section, and that the said bonds shall be renewed from the day when the same were paid, and said payments refunded, if not previously put into bank to the credit of the Treasurer of the United Proviso. States. And provided also, That the benefits of this section shall not be extended to any person whose loss shall not be proved to the satisgazipon of the collector, to have exceeded the sum of one thousand o ars. Time extend- Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the collector of the port of

‘g:d';°*h°' Nev]: York, is hereby authorized and directed to extend the payments

' m the manner prescribed in the first sect'on of th` act f all other bonds given for duties at the port of New York piior tt; fha late fire, and not provided for in the first section as aforesaid, for six, nine, and twelve months, from and after the date of payment specified in the bonds; which bonds when executed agreeably to the provisions of this section, shall be payable with intere t, at the rate of five per centum per annum, which interest, shall be computed from the times the respec- Proviso. five bonds would have fallen due, if this act had not passed; Provided however, That nothing contained in this act, shall extend to bonds which Provise. had fallen due before the 17th day of December last: ·Prooided also, That if in the opinion_of the collector aforesaid, any of the bonds which mlay be given under this act or_ the payment of which may be postponed, s all at any time be insecure, it shall'be the duty of the said collector to require such additional security as shall be satisfactory to him, and on the failure of such additional security being furnished, the payment of such bond shall be enforced forthwith. S I Arnnovmn, March 19, 1836. nrurs . March 19.1836. Cain. XLlIl.:—-Zn Act authorizing the Secretary of Vlllrrlto frat;/`er a part 2 [()bS0[et,,_] cT;l¢;py?>f1_‘0pr·guttpn for the suppression of Indzan lzosizlzttes m Iorida, to t 2 su sts cmd. _ Be i thenacted the Senate and House of Representatives of the United of fgrie ggitojlsgrip’th§3¢;ut;i;pppp4certain goods destroyed by fire at the lute conflagration in the city