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TXVENTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 41. 1840. 391 0fH0c, or restored to his trust and the performance of his duties, as to the President may seem just and proper. · Sec. 22. And be ii further enacted, That it shall not be lawful for T0 br? H0 difthe Secretary of the Treasury to make or continue in force, any general g°1'°?°°db°'w’“ Order, which shall create any diference between the diffcrerxt branches c,;v;,L_s reef revenue, as to the funds or medium of payment, in which debts or dues accruing to the United States may be paid. Sm 23. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the Mwsures w Secretary of the Treasury to issue and publish regulations to enforce il?°t°k°“‘° °"‘ · orce the speed the speedy presentation of all Government drafts for payment at the presentation ogy place where payable, and to prescribe the time, according to the different §0v€f¤m¢¤f distances of the depositurics from the scat of Government, within which mf'? E *’“Y' ull drafts upon them, respectively, shall be presented for payment; and, men ’ c` in default of such presentation, to direct any other mode and place of payment which he may deem proper; but in all those regulations and directions, it shall ba the duty of the Secretary of the Treasury to guard, as far as may bc, against thosc drafis being used or thrown into circulation, as a paper currency, or medium of exchange. Sm:. 24. And be it furzher enacted, That the receivers-general of S¤I¤fi¤S GYN- public moneys directed by this act to be appointed, shall receive, re- °°"'°’"`g'm"°1‘ spectively, the following salaries, par annum, to be paid quarter-yearly, at the Treasury of the United States, to wit: the receiver-general of public money at New York shall be paid Z1 salary of four thousand dollars par annum; the receiver-general of public money at Boston shall bc paid a salary of two thousand five hundred dollars per annum; the rcccivcr-gencral of public money at Charleston shall be paid a salary of two thousand five hundred dollars per annum; and the receivc1·—gcnera.l of public money at St. Louis shall be paid a salary of two thousand five hundred dollars per annum; the treasurer of the Mint at Philadelphia OHM §r¢¤¤’1‘ shall, in addition to his present salary, receive five hundred dollars, an- °f the mlm' nuully, for the performance of the duties imposed by this act ; the trca- , surcr of the branch Mint at New Orleans shall also receive one thousand 0?lfr;};ff‘:?n: dollars, annually, for the additional duties created by this act ; and these at N_ g),],;,,,,,,, salaries, respectively, shall be in full for the services of the respective officcrs, nor shall either of them be permitted to charge, or receive, any A misdemfwncommission, pay, or pcrquisite, for any official service, of any character ;’;cgv;h;;€° °r or description whatsoever; and the making of any such charge, or the commgssgcn, receipt of any such compensation, is hereby declared to be a. misde- &¤·_f<>f <>H$¢i¤] mcanor, for which the officer convicted thereof, before any court of the °°m°°‘ United States of competent jurisdiction, shall be subject to punishment by finc, or imprisonment, or both, at the discretion of the court before which the offence shall be tried. Sec. 25. And be it further enacted, That the Treasurer of the United Treasurer au- States be, and he is hereby, authorized to receive at the Treasury, and thimzed *0 1‘¢· . · - · cexve payments at such other pomts as he may desxgnutc, payments m advance for public in advance for lands, the payments so made in all cases, to be cvidenccd by the receipt public [ands, of the said Treasurer of the United States; which receipts so given shall be receivable for public lands, at any public or private sale of lands, m the same manner as the currency authorized by law to be received in payment for the public lands; Provided, however, That the receipts given proviso, by the treasurer of the United States, pursuant to the authority conferred imthis section, shall not be negotiable or transferable, by delivery, or assignment, or in any other manner whatsoever, but shall, in all cases, be presented in payment for lands by or for the person to whom the rcceipt was given, as shown upon its face. _ _ _ Sec. 26. And be it further enacted, That for the purchase of sxtcg, t_Appr<>1;r¤¤¤¤r; and for the construction of the offices of the receivers-general of puphc S?:€Q}‘;;d°;;:_ money, by this act directed to be erected at Charleston, South Carolina, S,,,,cti.,n of and at St. Louis, Missouri, there shall bc, and hereby is, appropriated, ¤iH¤€¤·