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'l`WEN'1`Y-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 44. 1840. 393 the time appointed on any adjournment thereof, to open and adjourn the said court in person, either of the said judges may, by a written order to the marshal, adjourn the court from time to time, as the case may require, to any time or times antecedent to the next stated term of the said court; and all suits, actions, writs, processes, recognizauces, and Suits, actions, other proceedings, pending in such court, or returnable to, or to be &·°·¤°°°·E°°'°d acted upon at such court, shall have day and be returnable to, and be th°'°by' heard, tried, and determined, at such adjournment or adjournments in the same manner and with the same effect as if the said court had been duly opened and held at the commencement of such session, or other day appointed therefor; and all persons bound or required to appear at Bound persons the said court, either as jurymen, witnesses, parties, or otherwise, shall "’°i“*°d ‘° °P· be bound and required to attend at such adjournment or adjournments pm' accordingly. See. 2. And be it further enacted, That the presiding judge of any Special sescircuit court may, at his discretion, appoint special sessions thereof, to Simsbe held at the places where the stated sessions thereof are holden; at which special sessions it shall be competent for the said court to enter- Jurisdiction of tain jurisdiction of and to hear and decide all cases in equity, cases in the courtut speerror, or on appeal, issues of law, motions in arrest of judgment, mo- °"‘Is°““*°“· tions for a new trial, and all other motions, and to award executions and other final process, and to do and transact all other business, and direct all other proceedings, in all causes pending in the circuit court, except trying any cause by a jury, in the same way and with the same force and effect as the same could or might be done at the stated sessions of such court. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That writs of error shall lie to Wm, ,,{,,m,,._ the Supreme Court from all judgments of a circuit court, in cases brought there by writs of error from the district court, in like manner and under the same regulations, limitations, and restrictions, as are now provided by law for writs of error to judgments rendered upon suits originally brought in the circuit court. Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That judgments and decrees here- _Whenaud how after rendered in the circuit and district courts of the United States, ·l‘jldim°“'“·&·°· within any State, shall cease to be liens cn real estate or chattels real geijhggjw w in the same manner and at like periods as judgments and decrees of the courts of such State now cease by law to be liens thereon; and the respective clerks of the United States courts in such State shall receive the like fees for making searches and certificates respecting such liens as are now allowed for like services to the clerks of the supreme court of such State; and the eighth, ninth, and tenth sections of the act entitled "An act to amend the act of the third of March, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-seven, entitled ‘ An act supplementary to an The Sth, 9th uct to amend the judicial system of the United States, and for other ggggfoég ,*,,*;;:;,,1 purposes} passed March third, one thousand eight hundred and thirty- 1839, Cb_ 8], ,.3, nine," are hereby repealed. pculed. Approved, July 4, 1840. ST I .. nm-; . CHAI'. XLIV.-dn det to remove the larul office from Chocchumu to Grenada, in July 4, 184,, the State of Mssissm. —————-— Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Th _ t States of America in Congress assembled, That the land office at Choc- and gezijjzgrio chuma, in the county of Tallahatchie, State of Mississippi, shall be ygmgvgthel removed to and located in the town of Grenada, in Yalabusha county, m l>¤¤}<¤.&;-withsaid State; and it shall be the duty of the registers and the receivers of m ""Y “Y”‘ public money for said land office, within sixty days from and after the . passage of this act, to remove the books, records, and whatever else belongs to said office, to the place of location, as herein provided for. Arr·novnr>, July 4, 1840. Vor., V.-50