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396 TWENTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch.48. 1840. employed for that purpose, to lend their aid and use their exertions to that end in the most effectual manner. Consul, &·<=· Twelfth. If the first officer, or any officer, and a majority of the crew 3* °°'“l’l“‘“°. of any vessel shall make complaint in writing that she is in an unsuitaat a vessel is . . . . . iu uu unsuitable ble condition to go to sea, because she is leaky, or insufficiently supcondirion to go plied with sails, rigging, anchors, or any other equipment, or that the

  • ‘;;Q"· crew is insufficient to man her, or that her provisions, stores, and sup-

¥,,uku€,u uuuuu. plies are not, or have not been, during the voyage, sufficient and wholenarion. &·<>· some, thereupon, in any of these or like cases, the consul or commer- 1850, ¤h·27»§6· cial agent who may discharge any duties of a consul shall appoint two disinterested, competent practical men, acquainted with maritime afi fairs, to examine into the causes of complaint, who shall in their report state what defects and deficiencies, if any, they find to be well founded, as well as what, in their judgment, ought to be done to put the vessel in order for the continuance of her voyage. Power and du- Thirteenth. The inspectors so appointed shall have full power to

  • Y °f ’h° m' examine the vessel and whatever is aboard of her, so far as is pertinent

5pm0H' to their inquiry, and also to hear and receive any other proofs which D the ends of justice may require, and if] upon a view of the whole prouty of the . . . consul, &c_ ceedings, the consul, or other commercial agent shall be satisfied there- · with, he may approve the whole or any part of the report, and shall certify such approval, and if he dissents, shall also certify his reasons for so dissenting. Ingpggwrggg Fourteenth. The inspectors in their report shall also state whether, mw Wlwthér in their opinion, the vessel was sent to sea unsuitably provided in any

,"f:z;l,,";:{ important or essential particular, by neglect or design, or through missuitably pm. take or accident, and in case it was by neglect or design, and the convigsd. G?-h sul or other commercial agent approves of such finding, he shall dis-

,,0,,*;,lj °8;c_° charge such of the crew as require it, each of whom shall be entitled to ’ three months’ pay in addition to his wages to the time of discharge; but, if in the opinion of the inspectors the defects or deficiencies found to exist have been the result of mistake or accident, and could not, in the exercise of ordinary care, have been known and provided against before the sailing of the vessel, and the master shall, in a reasonable time, remove or remedy the causes of complaint, then the crew shall remain and discharge their duty; otherwise they shall, upon their request, be discharged, and receive each one rnonth’s wages in addition to the pay up to the time of discharge. Ch,,,.g,,, how Fifteenth. The master shall pay all such reasonable charges in the to be paid, &,e. promises as shall be officially certified to him under the hand of the consul or other commercial agent, but in case the inspectors report that the complaint is without any good and sufficient cause, the master may retain from the wages of the complainants, in proportion to the pay of each, the amount of such charges, with such reasonable damages for detention on that account as the consul or other commercial agent directing the inquiry may officially certify. Crews of ves- Sixteenth. The crew of any vessel shall have the fullest liberty to lay

   lll; their complaints before the consul or commercial agent in any foreign

1,,, ,,,0,,. 00,; port, and shall in no respect be restrained or hindered therein by the plaints before master or any officer, unless some sufficient and valid objection exist 'h° °°¤S“l· &°· against their landing; in which case, if any mariner desire to see the consul or commercial agent, it shall be the duty of the master to acquaint him with it forthwith; stating the reason why the mariner is not permitted to land, and that he is desired to come on board; whereupon it shall be the duty of such consul or commercial agent to repair on board and inquire into the causes of the complaint, and to proceed thereon as this act directs. Apprghgndgd Seventeenth. In all cases where deserters are apprehended, tho deserters. consul or commercial agent shall inquire into the facts; and, if satisfied