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402 TWENTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I, Ch. 52, 53. 1840. transfers on the books of the Treasury, so as to preserve for each appropriation the amounts which were granted by Congress. APPROVED, July 20, 1840. Scrnvu I. ——-— July 20, 1840. CHA?. LII.—An Ac! io provide for the expenses of making an exploration and sur-

 may of that part of the Nor!/acasicrn boundary line of the United Staies which

' sqnzrates the States of Maine and Mw Hampshire from the British Provinces. Bc it enacted by the_Se1{ate and House of Representatives of the Appropriation United States of America m Congress assembled, That the sum of {O, sum,y_ twenty-Qve thousand dollars l?c, and the same is here§y, appropriated, E0 ge ];):;1dt<;utI<;»f ag; msn?);; IH I;hgt'Iér¢;s1;ry gmt otherzvxi-> appzivprxatcd, 0 na. e e IBSICDO e me acs ocausco cmaeanexploratign and survey of that part of the Northeastern boundary line of tlgglgqxtcd S3&§S (argl the ?{1ja<;_ent cogmgy) wgnggh separates the States 0 amc an aw amps nrc rom the ritis rovinces. S I Ar1>n0vm>, July 20, 1840. TATUTE . _.. July 20, 1840. CHAP. LHI.-dn Act making appropriations far the current and contingent ex [Obsolete] penrses of lhg Indian Department, and for fuyilling treaty stipulations with i/1. ' varzous Indzan trzbcs, for the year one thousand eight hundred and forty. Bc it enacted ky Qc Senate and House of Representatives pfthe United States of America zn Congress assembled, That the following sums be, gxgdtlgeg ?gcthe1£_cb);il appropriatcc}`, fortthe xar one thsusand eightfhua- _ r y, or c purpose 0 paying e currcn expenses 0 t a Iqdmn Department, fulfilling treaty stxpulations with the various Indian tribes, and contmgcnt expenses; to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. _ For the current and contingent expenses of the Indian Department, vxz : pay of Sump For the pay of the superintendent of Indian affairs at St. Louis, and imendemand the several Indxan ag:-mgs, as provided by the acts of June thirtieth, ¤¤i¥§§¤f·ch· 162 eighteen hundred {md thxrty-four, and of March third, eighteen hundred 1837, 0h_ SL and thuty-seven, sixtccn thousand five hundred dollars; Sub-agents. For pay of sub-agents, authorized by the act of June thirticth, eigh- 1834, oh. 162. teen hundred and t{nrty-four, thirteen thousand dollars; Interpreters. hFor télehpay hof :i¤f€3‘]§‘€$€l‘S, as authorized by the same aca, eleven t ouszm t rec un rc dollarsdxiienes to In- dogg; presents to Indians, auzhorizcd by [the] same act, fivc thousand Prpvisions for FQ?. the purchase qf_ provisions for Indians, at the distribution of I¤d¤¤¤¤· annumes, dwhge on WSW of b\1S§8sSb with the superintendents and agents, an w cn asscm c on pu ic usiness, eleven thousand cirrht hundred dolla · ° Buildings 8* For fha nciizgsary buildin s rc uircd at the gl] ' tm °g°°°i€s` repairs fheercof two th0us·1nd%i0lla?s· sever agmcms, and _ * ; ‘ _ s I££g§¤;;€_£f _ For postugcg, rants, stationery, fuel for O{HCBS,`8.I1d other gontingcncies of the Indgm Department, and for transportation and inc1dentaI expenses, thxrty-six thousand five hundred dollars; Clerk- For theisalary of one clerk in the office of the superintendent of _ _ Indian aifmrg, south of the Missouri river, one thousand dollars; C¤¤‘y¤¤s}¤¢¤ Pm- czurying mto effect the stipulations of certain Indian treaties

;;?%ih and the laws connected therewith, viz :

dphrisnizm In- For the Christian Indians, fopyhqndycd dollars ; . é*{'l;pcw&s· gc ’21ctIgI1?1ss1pp1, yhxrtyifive thousand dollars; under the? third and fourth5.;erfCl Omfpgisugnertln Nimmo}]; of claims · _ xgcso. ereayo uy cw teen uu Llixerii zuéddtgxrty-seven, with sand Chxppcwas of the Mississippi, three n re dollars;