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408 TWENTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 93. 1840. hN:w London For fortifications at New London harbor, twenty-five thousand dolar or. IMS; Fort Schuyler. For Fort Schuyler, eighty thousand dollars; Forrrlomiltori. For repairs of Fort Hamilton, twenty thousand dollars; FortLafayeno. For repairs of Fort Lafayette, five thousand dollars; Fort Colum- For repairs of For; Columbus, one thousand six hundred and sixty- b“" two dollars; _Castle Wil- For repairs of Castle William, five thousand seven hundred and l“"“· thirty-five dollars; South pottery, For repairs of south battery, Governor’s island, three thousand five G"' '“ ’“la"d· hundred dollars; Fort Monroe. For repairs of Fort Monroe, fifty thousand dollars; 1;,;,3,;,, ove, For rebuilding bridge over Mill creek, near Fort Monroe, five thou. Mm creek- sand dollars; Road. For repairs of road from Fort Monroe to said bridge, one thousand dollars; Purchase of For purchase of land in the vicinity of Fort Monroe, one thousand land near Fort doum-S; “{£;,;°$j¤lh°un_ For Fort Calhoun, fifty thousand dollars; pm C,,,,,,,_.,u_ For Fort Caswell, six thousand dollars; pm S,,mm_ For Fort Sumter, twenty-five thousand dollars; Fort 1v10n1m;,, For repairs of Fort Moultrie, ten thousand dollars; Fort Pulaski. For Fort Pulaski, forty-four thousand dollars; Fort on Fos- For Fort on Foster’s bank, Florida, fourteen thousand dollars;

Lbggzlpcn For Fort Pickens, eight thousand dollars;

FL B,,,,,,,,_,:,_ For repairs of Fort Barrancas, fifteen thousand dollars; Fm M0,-g,m_ For repairs of Fort Morgan, ten thousand dollars; Fort Pike. For repairs of Fort Pike, five thousand dollars; Fort Wood. For repairs of Fort Wood, three thousand five hundred and eighty dollars; Baggeyy g;,,,,, For repairs of the battery Bienvenue, two thousand five hundred dol. venue. 13,]-5 ; Tower Dnprg, For repairs of Tower Dupre, four hundred dollars; Fm J,,ckS0,,_ For repairs of Fort Jackson, twenty thousand dollars; FL SL ph;;;p_ For repairs of Fort St. Philip, three thousand three hundred dollars; Ft,Livi¤gSt(m_ For Fort Livingston, Grande Terre, Louisiana, fifteen thousand dollars ; coming0R3e,, For contingencies of fortifications, ten thousand dollars; Incidental ex- For incidental expenses attending repairs of fortifications, fifty thou- Pgfgio sand dollars. Provided, however, That in case of a disappointment in, ' the receipts of revenue from customs, or lands, or other sources, or of a failure to collect the debts due from the late deposite banks, or from the Bank of the United States of Pennsylvania, so that the means of the Treasury shall not be sufficient to meet the ordinary calls for the service of the year, according to the appropriations made by Congress, and also the expenses authorized by this act, the President of the United States shall be, and hereby is, authorized, upon ascertainment, at any time, of these facts, from the Secretary of the Treasury, to direct the postponement until after the close of the next session of Congress, or until Congress shall otherwise direct, of the whole, or such portion of the appropriations made by this act as the state of the Treasury shall seem to him to require; any order for postponement to be made alike applicable to each item of appropriation, so far as the state of facts, at the time it is made, and a due regard to the public interests, will permit, and all contracts entered into in pursuance of these appropriations to be made subject to the conditions of this proviso. Approved, July 21, 1840.