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TWENTY·SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess.I[. Ch. 35. 1841. 429 York, thirty-four thousand three hundred and twenty-one dollars and twenty-one cents; , 1838 h 174 For the payment of expenses incurred by the collector of New York, Eapérisee un; under the act of seventh of July, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, to der_act no remit remit the duties upon certain goods destroyed by fire at the late oonna. g“‘{°’ 93 ,§°gd’ gration in the city of New York, seven hundred dollars; Ng; Yoikio For the payment of certain certificates, being the balance of a, former p,,,,,,,,,,,, 0,-,, appropriation carried to the surplus fund on the thirty-first December, balance carried one thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight, five hundred dollars; *0 *h¤ Surplus For furniture for the Presidents house, of American manufacture, so fiii,,i,Z,,,,,,,,, ,-0,. far as may be practicable and expedient, to be expended under the di- Presirl’ts house. rection of the President, in addition to the avails of the sales of decayed furniture, the sum of six thousand dollars; For annual repairs of the capitol, attending furnaces, water-closets, Capitoland lamp-lighting, oil, laborers on capitol grounds, tools, keeping iron pipes €'°“¤d¤· and wooden fences in order, attending at gates, ga.rdener’s salary. and for top dressing delicate and valuable plants, seven thousand five hundred and eighty-two dollars and fifty cents; For annual repairs of President’s house, gardener’s salary, horse and Prssidenvn cart, laborers and tools, and for amount due F. Masi and Company for h°“°°· &°- repairs on furniture, two thousand six hundred and twenty-eight dollars; For completing back buildings, grading grounds, and cutting balance New Treasury of stone for west portico of the new Treasury building, and paying for biddingmaterials delivered, eleven thousand one hundred and eighty-eight dollars and forty-four cents; For fiuting columns of portico of new Patent Office, finishing root, New Patent and the cut stone-work of said building, and paying for materials deli- 0iH°° b“‘ld'“$·' vered, seven thousand five hundred and fifty dollars; For enclosing the new jail yard, in the city of Washington, five thou- New jail. sand dollars; ·For new General Post Olhce building, one hundred thousand dollars; New General For completing court-house, in the city of Alexandria, three thou- EQ€:,.O$°° Sand dollars? Coiiiighouse in For payment to the stone-cutters,hnd the other workmen on the new Alexandria. Treasury building and the new Patent Office building, of the sums P°,i;m°¤*°,:° allowed them by the commissioners appointed by the President of the »T,;,'Q:u,, United States to superintend the prosecution of the work in the con- and Patent Ofstruction of the said buildings, in fulfilment of the resolution of Con- li°° b“‘ld‘“gsgress of the twentieth of July, eighteen hundred and forty, twelve thousand nine hundred and twenty-three dollars and thirty-one cents; For surveying the public lands, in addition to the unexpended balances Survelgilntgh of former appropriations, to be apportioned to the several surveying dis- P°bh° triots according to the exigencies of the public service, including office— rent, and fuel, for the year eighteen hundred and forty-one, fifty-five thousand dollars; For retracing certain old surveys in the State of Alabama, at a rte ltetracing eernot exceeding four dollars a mile, lilteen thousand dollars; }:"),‘,£::,’;°Y“ For surveys in Missouri, in the towns named in the act of twenty- S,,,.,,,,,.,,,, sixth May, eighteen hundred and twenty-four, in addition to the sum Missouri. of six thousand dollars appropriated for the same object by the act of lg? sixth of April, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, two thousand dollars; ’ _ _ For surveying five hundred miles of detached and unfinished lines in Spwcyhrlyitg Illinois and Missouri, principally in the military district, Illinois, at a l10I:,",,? rate not exceeding six dollars a mile, three thousand dollars; For salaries of ministers of the United States to Great Britain, France, Minisrm, Russia, Prussia, Austria and Mexico, fifty-four thousand dollars; For Salaries of the secretaries of legation to the same places, twelve Secretaries of thousand dollars; l°8'·”°“·