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430 TWENTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Ssss. II. Ch. 35. 1841. Minister to For salary of the minister resident of the United States to Turkey, T¤¥k¤Y- six thousand dollars; Charges des For salaries of the charges des affaires to Portugal, Spain, Denmark, ¤*Y¤iF°¤· Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Brazil, Chili, Peru, New Grenada, Venn. zuela, Texas, Naples, and Sardinia, sixty-three thousand dollars; Drogomsn. For salary oflp drogoman to the legation to Turkey, two thousand five hundred dollars; Expenses of For contingent expenses of all the missions abroad, thirty thousand missions. dollars · Outfits. For butfits of ministers to Austria and Great Britain, and of charges des affaires to Venezuela, twenty-two thousand five hundred dollars; Consuls at For salaries of the consuls of the United States at London and Paris, £;'ld°° im'! four thousand dollars; l _ _ _ RQ5y &c_ of For the relief and protection of American seamen in foreign coun- Am. seirmen. tries, fifty thousand dollars; Expenses of For clerk hire, office-rent, stationery, and other expenses in the office g°¤¤l;¤l¤¥¢ 5* of the American consul at London, per act of January nineteenth, eigh-

°§3§";,h_ 2_ teen hundred and thirty-six, two thousand eight hundred dollars;

Berbiry pow- For expenses of intercourse with the Barbary Powers, seventeen °’S· thousand four hundred dollars; Foreign imo,. For the contingent expenses of foreign intercourse, thirty thousand ¤¤¤r¤¤· dollars ; Library of For salary of the principal and two assistant librarians, pay of the C°”S'°¤¤- messenger, and for contingent expenses of the library, three thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars; purchase of For the purchase of books for the library in Congress, five thousand books- dollars ; Enforcement For the payment of arrearages incurred in enforcing the neutrality

 ¤°“°¤*l*‘Y laws on the northern and northwestern frontier, five thousand dollars;

Serviee of the For the service of the General Post Office for the year eighteen hung?£g;°l P°$* dred and forty-one, in conformity to the act of second July, eighteen 1836_l,h_ 2·y0_ hundred and thirty-six ; I- Transports- For transportation of the mail, three million two hundred and eighty "°"· thousand dollars; C0mpgngg[ign For compensation of postmasters, one million and fifty thousand dol- ¤{,P¤¤F¤¤¤¤¤¤fS; lars: Provided however, That in addition to returns now required to be ,;,,r°l'§°,;,r§’,$“" rendered by postmasters, it shall be the duty of the postmasters at New moi., rgturng of York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and N cw Orleans, and the other

¤¤t¤ several cities of the Union, each and every year hereafter, to render a. quarbomh &c_“‘ ter-yearly account to the- Postmaster General, under oath, in such form

Ao; of Mor-on as the latter shall prescribe, for the purpose of giving full effect to this 3·1845»¤h·43· proviso, of all emoluments or sums by them respectively received for boxes or pigeon-holes, or other receptacles for letters or papers, and by them charged for to individuals; or for the delivery of letters or papers at or from any place in either of said cities, other than the actual post office of such city, and of all emoluments, receipts, and profits that have come to their hands by reason of keeping branch post offices in either of said cities; and if, from such accounting, it shall appear that the net amount received by either of the postmasters at either of such cities for such boxes and pigeon-holes, and other receptacles for letters and papers, and for delivering letters or papers at or from any place in either of said cities other than said post office, and by reason of keeping a branch post office in either of said cities, shall, in the aggregate, exceed the sum of three thousand dollars in any one year, such excess tg shall be paid to the Postmaster General for the use and purposes of the than $5000 B Post Office Department; and no postmaster shall hereafter, under any year, solory in- pretence whatsoever, have, or receive, or retain for himself, in the ag- °l“d¤d· gregate, more than five thousand dollars per year, including salary, com-