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'1WEN'1`Y-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess I. Ch.24. 1841. 463 Snrurs I. CHAP. XXI V. ——An ./2ct relating to duties and drawbaclts. Sept. ll, 1841. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the —`—"_`”` United States of America in Congress assembled, That on all articles After 30th imported into the United States from and after the thirtieth day of Sep- S*?P*· 1$4l· °¤¤’ ternber, eighteen hundred and forty-oue, there shall be laid, collected, 2;:;,1 2r5f;;`;};,, and paid on all articles which are now admitted free of duty, or which per oem. ad vaam chargeable with a duty of less than twenty per centum ad valorem, 5F8m- a duty of twenty per centum ad valorem, except on the following enu- °l' 3* 515’ 73% merated articles, that is to say: muriatic acid, sulphuric acid or oil of vitriol, alum, tartaric acid, aquafortis, blue vitriol, calomel, carbonate of soda, corrosive sublimate, combs, coppcras, indigo, nitrate of lead, red and white lead dry or ground in oil, sugar of lead, manganese, sulphate of magnesia, bichromate of potash, chromate of potash, prussiate of potash, glauber salts, rochelle salts, sulphate of quiniue, refined saltpetre, which shall pay respectively the same rates of duty imposed on _ them under existing laws; and the following articles shall be exempt A“*°l°;?*°l>° from duty, to wit: tea and coffee, all painting and statuary the produc- pt mm tion of American artists residing abroad; all articles imported for the use of the United States, and the following articles, when specifically imported by order, and for the use of any society incorporated or established for philosophical or literary purposes, or for the encouragement of the fine arts, or by order and for the use of any college, academy, school or seminary of learning, in the United States, to wit: philosophical apparatus, instruments, books, maps, charts, statues, busts of marble, bronze, alabaster, or plaster of Paris, casts, paintings, drawings, engravings, specimens of sculpture, cabinets of coins, gems, medals, and all other collections of antiquities, statuary, modelling, painting, drawing, etching, or engraving; and, also, all importations of specimens in natural history, mineralogy, botany, and anatomical preparations, models of machinery, and the models of other inventions, plants and trees, wearing apparel, and other personal baggage in actual use, and the implements or tools of trade of persons arriving in the United States; crude antimony, regulus of antimony, animals imported for breed, argol, gum arabic, aloes, ambergris, bole armenian, arrowroot, annotto, aniseed, oil of aniseed, amber, assaftetida, ava root, alcornoque, alba canella, bark of cork tree uumanufactured, burr stones unwrought, brass, in pigs or bars, old brass, only fit to be remanufactured, brimstone or sulphur, barilla, brazilletto, boracic acid, Burgundy pitch, berries used for dyeing, smaltz, lasting or prunella, used in the manufacture of buttons and shoes, vanilla beans, balsam tolu, gold and silver coins and bullion, clay unwrought, copper imported in any shape for the use of the mint, copper in pigs, bars, or plates, or plates or sheets, of which copper is the material of chief value, suited to the sheathing of ships, old copper fit only to be remanufactured, lapis calaminaris, cochineal, chamomile flowers, coriander seed, catsup, cantharides, castanas, chalk, coculus indicus, colombo root, cummin seed, cascarilla, cream of tartar, vegetables, and nuts of all kinds used principally in dyeing and composing dyes, lac-dye, emery, epaulets and wings of gold or silver, furs undressed of all kinds, flaxseed or linseed, flax unmanufactured, fustic, Hints, ground flint grindstones, gamboge, raw hides, hemlock, henbane, horn plates for lanterns, ox and other horns, Harlem oil, hartshorn, han unmanufactured, hair pencils, ipecacuanha, ivory unmanufactured, ms root, juniper berries, oil of juniper, kelp, kermes, maddezgmadder root, musk, manna, marrow and other soap stocks, and soap stuffs,palm oil, mohair, mother of pearl, needles, nux vomica, orris root, oil of almonds, opium, palm leaf, platina, Peruvian bark, old pewter fit only to be remanufactured, plaster of Paris, quicksilver, rags of any kind of cloth, India. rubber, reeds unmanufactured, rhubarb, rotten stone, elephants and