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464 TWEN’1`Y-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Ssss.I. Ch. 24. 1841. Articles to be other animals’ teeth, polishing stones, bristles, ratans unmanufactured, exempt from raw and undressed skins, spelter, crude saltpetre, gum Senegal, saffron, d“°Y‘ shellac, soda ash, sponges, sago, sarsaparilla, senna, sumac, tapiooa, tamarinds, crude tartar, teutenegue, tin foil, tin in pigs, bars, plates, or sheets, tips of bone or horn, tortoise shell, turmeric, weld, woad or pastel, Brazil wood, Nicaragua wood, red wood, cam wood, log wood, dye woods of all kinds, umnanufactured woods of any kind, except rose wood, satin wood, and mahogany, whale and other fish oils of American fisheries, and all other articles the produce of said fisheries, and zine; and, also, wool unrnanufactured, the value whereof at the place of ex- Pr¤vi¤<>· portation shall notrexceed eight ccnts per pound; Provided, That if any fine wool be mixed with dirt or other material, and thus be reduced in value to eight cents per pound or under, the appraisers shall appraise said woo] at such price as in their opinion it would have cost had it not been so mixed, and a duty thereon shall be charged in conformity with Further pro- such appraisal: And provided, further, That when wool of different 'l¤°- qualities is imported in the same bale, bag or package, and any part thereof is worth more than eight cents a pound valued as aforesaid, that Proviso. part shall pay a duty of twenty per centum ad valorem : Provided, That boards, planks, staves, scantling, sawed timber, and all other descriptions of wood which shall have been wrought into shapes that fit them respectively for any specific and permanent usc, without further manumcture, shall be deemed and taken as manufactured wood. Duty 0,, ,,,,,,_ Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That there shall be levied, colenumerated ar- lected, and paid on each and every non-enumerated article which bears “°l°°· a similitude either in material, quality, texture, or the use to which it may be applied, to any enumerated article chargeable with duty, the same rate of duty which is levied and charged on the enumerated article which it most resembles in any of the particulars before mentioned; and if any non-enumerated 'article equally resembles two or more enumerated articles on which different rates of duty are now chargeable, there shall be levied, collected, and paid on such non-enumerated article the same rate of duty as is chargeable on the article which it resem- Duty on arti- bles paying the highest duty; and on all articles manufactured from two

(;”,:::£‘;° or more materials, the duty shall be assessed at the highest rates at

0, ,,,,,,,0 ,,,,,,c_ which any of its component parts may be chargeable: Provided, That, rials. _ if in virtue of this section, any duty exceeding the rate of twenty per PF°V¤S°· centum ad valorem, shall be levied prior to the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and forty-two, the same shall not in any wise affect the lMh¤l¤· 16- disposition of the proceeds of the public lands as provided for by an further pro- act passed at the present session of Congress: And provided, further, V¤S°· That no duty higher than twenty per centum ad valorem in virtue of the said section, shall be levied and paid on any unrnanufactured article. ,;,,,,.1,,,,;,,0,, Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That from and after the passage certain sugars of this act, drawbacks payable on exported refined sugars, manufhcggguzéy EOE: tured from foreign sugars, and on exported rum, distilled from foreign ’molasses, shall be reduced in proportion to the reduction which shall have been made by law (after the passage of the acts of Congress of 1820, ch. 11. the twenty-first of January, eighteen hundred and twenty-ninc, and

  • 83*% °h· W5- twenty-ninth of May, eirrlttcen hundred and thirty, allowing said drawbacks) in the duties on the imported sugars or molasses, out of which

the same shall have been manufactured or distilled, and in no case shall the drawback exceed the amount of import duty paid on either of those arttc cs. D,,,,, 0,, Suc. 4. And be it furthrr mortal, That prior to the second day of Frcnchwines February next, the wines of France shall not be subjected, under the l:;;'*;fgI‘°b· provisions of this act or any existing law, to the payment of higher rates yof duty than the following, namely, on red wines in casks six cents a gallon; white wines in casks ten cents a gallon, and French wines of