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472 TVVENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. S1=:ss.II. Ch.21,22. 1842 cuit to attend the fall term of said court at Jackson, and hold the same; and when he does so, then he may dispense with his attendance at the fall term of the court at Knoxville, in the district of East Tennessee; or when said judge holds the fall term at Knoxville, then he may dispense with holding the corresponding fall term at Jackson. _ And said circuit judge may elect which court he will hold, at discretion, in the exercise of which he shall be governed by the nature and importance Pr¤Vi¤¤· of the business: Provided, Said circuit judge may attend at Knoxville Pi-oviso. and Jackson at any of their fall terms; And provided also, That in the absence of said circuit judge at any term of either of said courts, the district judge shall hold the same, and may exercise all the- powers and jurisdiction conferred on the circuit court when held by the circuit judge. Appeals to lie Sec. 2. And be it furt/ter enacted, That appeals shall lie from the f;°:j'“;l;€’r‘;:;1"°‘ district court at Jackson, to the circuit court, in the same manner that c,,,,,,_ I they lie from the district to the circuit court at Nashville. _’l`imes ofhcld- Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the fall terms of the district

¥J*‘;ji;:';“i1d and circuit courts at Jackson, shall in liiture be held on the second

Km,i;,.,,{j,,_ a Monday of October in each year; that the fall terms of the district and Distr-remand circuit courts of Kentucky bein future held on the third Monday of f2;':;':cj(°“"° °f November in each year; and that the fall terms of the circuit and disv0jj;,_ Q2_ trict courts at Knoxville, be held on the first Monday of November, in each year. Approved, April 14, 1842. Sryrurn II. ·_*" April 14, 1842. Cm.1>. XXI.-An Act to conjirm certain entries if lands in the »SC'ate of Louisiana, """‘ `"` and to authorize I/ze issuing of patents for the same. Be it enacted by the Senate and House J Representatives of the United E¤¥fj¢S>fl¤¤d¤ States of America in Congress assembled, That tll8 €I1tl‘l€S of the fol· g‘:;,°;f°d °°"' lowing described tracts of land permitted to be made by the register ` and receiver at Ouachita, in the land district north of Red river, in the State of Louisiana, to wit: Lot number five, of section thirty-eight, and lots numbers one, two, five, and six, of section forty-five, and lots numbers three and four, of section forty-five, and lots numbers three, four, and five, of section forty-six, and lots numbers two, three, six, seven, eleven, twelve, thirteen, and fourteen, of section forty-eight, all said lots being in township number thirteen, of range number twelve east, in the said land district north of Red river, in the State of Louisiana, be, and the same are hereby, confirmed and declared to be good _P¤i¤¤l¤ to be and valid; and patents shall issue thereon as in other cases of good and ‘“S“°d• valid entries, and certificates of purchase, any law to the contrary notwithstanding. Aemtovao A ril14 1842. Srnurz II. , P , ..._ April 14, 1842. Crm?. XXII.-An Act authorizing tlgjeonstruetion of a war-steamer for harbor ·—······* e ence. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the sm Navy au. United States cg' America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary ¥b<>¤iZ¤{! ¤¢> ¢<>¤· of the Navy be, and he is hereby authorized to enter into contract with g;°:8`:;'ljl055L‘ Robert L. Stevens for the construction of a war-steamer, shot and shell war steamer_ proof, to be built principally of iron, upon the plan of the said Stevens: P¤’°Vi¤0· Provided, The whole cost, including the hull, armament, engines, boilers, and equipment in all respects complete for service, shall not exceed the average/1 cost of the stearners Missouri and Mississippi. Sec. 2. nd be it further enacted, That the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, towards carrying this law into effect. Approved, April 14, 1842.