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TWENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sr:ss.H. Ch.29. 1842. 485 compensation to superintendent and assistants, one hundred thousand dollars. No. 170. For the continuation of the survey of the northern and Survey of the southern lakes of the United States, twenty thousand dollars, l“]‘°$· NO, 171. For completing survey of the boundary between the State Boundary beof Michigan and territory of Wisconsin, seven thousand dollars. ;‘;§°{)‘VM’°b’E¤¤ NO, 172. To enable the President of the United States to cause to Exp;,:;?;],?` be made and completed im •3Xpl01’Htion and survey of that part of the and survey of northeastern boundary line of the United States and the adjacent coun- £g;‘::é;r”'°'” try which separates the States of Maine and New Hampshire from the y` British provinces, and for completing maps of surveys already made, and other work, according to estimates, sixty-six thousand three hundred and one dollars and seventy-tive cents. No, 173. For the salaries of the two keepers of the public archives Kecpers_ofFloin Florida, one thousand dollars. “d“ °’°h“’°s· For allowance to law agent, assistant counsel, and district attorney, Allowance to under acts providing for settlement of private land claims in Florida, 1‘“"’€°“"» $°°· three thousand five hundred and thirty-five dollars and eighty-two cents: _ Provided, That no allowance shall hereafter be made for compensation P"°“S°• to the law agent, assistant counsel, or extra fees to the district attorney of Florida, for attending to the settlement of private land claims in Florida. And the said office of law agent and the power to employ assistant counsel are hereby abolished. No. 174. For expenses in relation to the relief of certain insolvent Ipgqlvgm debtors of the United States, two thousand dollars. d¤b¤01‘¤- No. 175. For the support and maintenance of the penitentiary of the Penitentiary District of Columbia, in addition to an unexpended balance of nine °f D- C- thousand three hundred and eighty-four dollars, six hundred and sixteen dollars. No. 176. To make good a deficiency in the year eighteen hundred Sick and disand forty-one in the'fund for the relief of sick and disabled seamen, as °bl"d °°‘"“°“· established by the act of the third May, eighteen hundred and three, 1802, ch. 51. [two] forty-six thousand five hundred dollars. No. 177. To complete and put in asuitable condition for occupation Marine hospithe marine hospital at Mobile, fifteen thousand dollars. ml a' M°1"!°‘ N 0. 178. For the custom-house at Boston, seventy-five thousand dol- a:jE;i;'*l;h°“” lars. ' N0. 179. For payment of such amount as shall be found due by the a€§f$vm~;;]‘:° select committee, appointed in the House of Representatives on the thirteenth day of May, eighteen hundred and forty-two, for supermtendence, work done, and materials furnished in completing the custom-house at New York, a sum not exceeding twenty-eight thousand two hundred dollars. _ _ _ _ Ex msu 0,. N0. 180. For expenses of sixth census, including printing statistics 6th1g8mm_ and reports, enumeration of inhabitants and addendum, and census of pensioners for revolutionary and military services, ten thousand copies _ each, a sum not exceeding one hundred and ten thousand dollars: P¤'°“¤°· Provided, however, That before the said accounts are paid it shall be the duty of the Secretary of State, or other proper accounting officer, to ascertain from one or more disinterested practical printers, yrjhat would be considered a fair and just compensation for composition, press—work, printing and paper, and that so much and no more heallowcd Z And provided further, That no part of the said sum be applied trpthe payment of printing the compendium which is now the subject 0 dis utc. Forpthe removal of the statue of Waslrington under the direction·0f v§;';&?l;,Ln_ a joint committee of both Houses of Congress, the account for which shall be audited and certified by said committee, a sum not exceeding one thousand dollars. 2 o 2