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TYVENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. (711.29. 1842. 487 N0. 199. In full for the balance of expenses of running and marking Boundary be. me boundary line between the United States and Texas, four hundred {Ween U.S. and d011n5s; and for salaries of the commissioner, surveyor, and clerk, eleven 1°"“S· hundred and twenty—6vc dollars, or so much thereof as may be found due, on the accounts being audited by the appropriate officcr. NO, 200. For the benefit of the legal representatives of Edward Lee, E<iw¤rd LGS- (bcing :1 rcappropriation of the amount spcciHe:d in the act of March seven, eighteen hundred and thirty-two, for the relief of Edward Lee,) 183% °h‘ 35* three hundred and fifty dollars: Provided, That no allowance shall be proviso made, out of any moneys appropriated by this bill, to any clerk or other ` 0fHccr for the discharge of duties, the performance of which belongs to any other clerk or other cflicsr in the same or any other department; and that no allowance shall be made for any extra services whatever, which amy clerk or other officer may be required to perform: And prc- P*'°"i¤°· vided, also, That no person shall be paid for carrying the office mails or doing any other duties which ought to be done by the messengers of particular departments. Post Ojcc Department.-For the service of the General Post Office POS! Office {br the year eighteen hundred and forty-tvvo, in confbrmity to the act D°p°‘"m°"°' of second July, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, four millions four hun- l836’ °h‘270' dred and eighty-fivc thousand and nine hundred dollars, viz: N0, 201. For transportation of the mail, three millions one hundred Tf¤¤Sp0¤¤- and fifty thousand dollars. “°"· No. 202. For compensation of postmasters, nine hundred and fifteen golnpmsgtgon thousand dollars: Provided, however, That in addition to returns now of Posfmasmrs; required to be rendered by postmastcrs, it shall be the duty of Postmas- T§1’°¥£};;q$‘t}` ters at New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New Orleans, €m%]u,m.,mS m. and the other several cities of the Union, each and every year hereafter, ceivcd {mm to render :1 quarter-yearly account to the Postmaster General, under b°"‘°S* &°‘ oath, in such form as the latter shall prescribe, for the purpose of giving full effect to this proviso, of all cmoluments or sums by them respectively received for boxes, or pigeon-holes, or other rcbcptacles for letters or papers, and by them charged for to individuals; or for the delivery 0{lettcrs or papers at or from any place in either of said cities, other than the actual post offics of such city; and of all cmoluments, receipts, zmd profits, that have come to their hands by reason of keeping branch post oillccs in either of said cities; and if from such accounting, it shall appear that the nett amount received by either of the postmastcrs at either of such cities, for such boxes, and pigeon-holes, and other receptacles for letters and papers, and for delivering letters or papers at or from any place in either of said cities, other than said post. office, and by reason of keeping a branch post office in either of said cities, shall, in the aggregate, exceed the sum of three thousand dollars in any one year, such excess shall be paid to the Postmaster General, for the usc und purposes of the Post Office Department; and no postmaster shall, N° P9S¤¤¤S*6¤' hereafter, under any pretence whatsoever, have, or receive, or retain for tf]';§°5Q§)5"l;°"’ himself, in the aggregate, more than five thousand dollars pit? yéill', IH- year, salary including salary, commissions, boxes, and all other fees, perquxsucs, {nd ¢l¤d¢d· cmoluments, of any name or character whatsoever, and for any servxcc whatsoever. N0. 293. For ship, steamboat, and way letters, twenty thousand d0l— gbl? ]¤**°Y¤» lurs. ' N0. 204. For wrapping paper, sixteen thousand eight hundred dcllars. EMPPIUE P¤· N0. 205. For office furniture, (for offices of postmasters,) four thou- PURE mM_ sand six hundred dollars. ture. N0. 206. F or advertising, thirty-three thousand five hundred dollars. AdY°F¤$m€· N0. 207. For mail bags, twenty thousand dollars. 11;/§;gl;J;’€s· N0. 208. For blanks, thirty thousand dollars. Mai; [0Z;kg' N0. 209. For mail locks, keys and stamps, tem thousand dollars. &.c.