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504 T\VENTY—SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 123, 126,127. 1842. first section of this act, specifying the heads of families, and the single men, and the location of each quarter section occupied by each of said settlers. Atwxovnn, August 4, 1842. Srnurs H. Augur1g4g_ Gnu. CXXIIT.-An dd l0 regulate appeals and wriis·qf error from the district ————-—————— court of the Umicd Statcsfor the northern dzstrzct of .dlabama.(a) Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Appeals w iis United States of America in Congress assembled, That all appeals and “’ U- SCS“`t . writs of error from the district court of the United States for the north-

 csstgm ern district of Alabama, at Huntsville, shall lie directly to the Supreme

Court of the United States, when the amount in controversy exceeds the sum of two thousand dollars, exclusive of costs; ond that so much of the act to abolish the circuit court ut Huntsville, in the State of Alabama, and for other purposes, as requires all appeals and writs ofherror to lie from said district court to the circuit court at Mobile, without regard to the amount in contéoversy, be repealed. Armtovmn, August 4, 184 . Smrurrz II. Aug_ g, ]842_ Cru?. CXXVI.—An Act to annex a par! of Ute town zy" Tiverirm in the State qf ···—···—··‘ Rhode Island, to t/te collection district <y" Fall Rwcr m the State of Massanhusctts. Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That all that part The part of . _ _ . . '1`iverton gmnex- of the town of Tiverton, in the State of Rhode Island, which lies north °d· ‘l°“°“b°‘l· of the south line of the farm of William Slade, and of tlje furm of the heirs of Boylston Brayton, to Wattupper Pond, and by said pond to the south line of the State of Massachusetts, and the waters and shores adjoining thereto, be, and the same is hereby, annexed to, and made a part of the collection district of Fall river in the State of Massachusetts. Amucovmn, August 9, 1842. Smruri: I1. . ._. Aung tt, t34g_ Cum-. CXXVII.-dn Act to provide for the settlement of the claims of the Stats Fijgjpdr- of Georgia for the services of her militia. 5 1* Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United prpproprituion States ¢y" America in Congress assembled, That the surn of one hundred

  • 9 mtl<%·¤¤¤B’ and seventy-five thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby, appro-
 priated to the payment and indemnity of the State of Georgia, for any

ing out hm- mi- money actually paid by said State on account of necessurynnd proper lll?? *0 S¤PP¤j¤§S expenses incurred by said State in calling out her militia, in the years Ind"mh°sumS‘ eighteen hundred und thirty-five, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, eighteen hundred and thirty-seven, and eighteen hundred and thirty- eight, during Pipe §emi;iolef.Ql1erokEep, spd Cricea clpmpaigns, or forhthie suppresston 0 nc run osti ities in ori :1 an a ama, or so muc -0 said sum as may be necessary for the purposes aforesaid, after deducting any sum or sums of money that may have heretofore been advanced by the United States to the State of Georcin, to be applied to the objects aforesaid, and which may not have been: previousy, so applied. What would Sec. 2. And be it ficrther enacted, That the Paymaster General of l‘“"° l’“°” d“°> the United States army and the accounting officers of the Treasury shall &'°`m·bG§m tirst ztscertain und certify what would have been due from the United sscertnme . ‘ · _ States to the volunteers and militia called into the service of the said (a) Notes of the nets relating to the District Court of Alabama, vol. 3, 564. An not respecting the jurisdiction of certain District Courts, Feb. 19. 1831, chap. 28. P rgnzgcqstlps ablolisl; the Circuit Court nt Huntsville, in the State ofAln.baum1, and for other purposes

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